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Latest change in Twitter

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Dear Churpers,

Two days ago, Twitter released an announcement on an upcoming change in their Terms of Service. This update states that there will be a change in their API guidelines for their policy on in-stream advertising. What this means is that third party applications will not be able to publish tweets on your behalf.

Right now the way ChurpChurp works is that once you submit your paid tweets into our system, they will be queued for approval process. Once approved, we will automatically publish the tweets for you. This process will have to change because we all love Twitter and we want to comply with the rules they set.

What will the change be? Twitter maintains that all of your tweets belong to you and they do not seek to control them. There are no prohibitions on tweeting advertisements and commercials from your account by your own free will, so long as that these tweets are not automated through an API.

We are in the midst of making the changes on our end and will proceed once Twitter announces the new official Terms of Services in detail so we know the rules we should be abiding by.

As for now all campaigns assigned to you will continue to run and business will continue as usual so yes, you can still earn from your tweets. Yay! Twitter Rocks!

We’ll let you know when the changes come.

Thanks for your support Churpers!