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Welcome to ChurpChurp!

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Greetings everyone!

ChurpChurp has been going through a major revamp process, now say hello to the new and improved ChurpChurp!

In our efforts to up the quality of our campaigns to cater to the needs of all our partners, it’s official that we are now venturing into various publishing platforms!

Love sharing about an upcoming event, or interact and discuss with your peers on the latest gadgets in town?

Do beyond social networking in cyberspace by making some ka-ching from your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites all these by simply sharing on them AND get rewarded!

Don’t worry, we won’t hijack your Facebook account and publish ads on our behalf (refer to F.A.Qs), Authorize both Facebook and Twitter in your ChurpChurp account ;


And voilà! you are eligible to participate in more interesting social media campaigns and diversify your publishing platforms (w00t! Means more rewards!). Publishing will be done entirely, manually from your end as long as you follow the brief and timeline given, and once everything is approved, credit goes straight to your account!

Simple as that!

It’s been a wonderful year and ChurpChurp truly appreciates your kind support, love and participation all these while.

Be part of the ChurpChurp family and this exciting new change, authorize Facebook and let’s grow to great lengths together!


“You Don’t Get to 500 Million Friends, without Making a Few Enemies”

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The common understanding between our fellow social networkers today is that digits are now replaced with a universal question – your Facebook email. Expect the standard process of Friend X’s in your waiting list to be approved as a friend. Press ‘Confirm’ and voila, you’re exposed to all the personal details of Friend X’s that you’d never know, you’ve missed out, or rather would love to know so much.


Mechanical Engineer.

Owns a boutique shop.

The Social Network’s debut invites you to witness the story behind Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg), the genius’ with his friends and foes in their struggle and dreams in changing the world with one website.

The powerful social tool that we have vastly become dependent on for all various reasons;


Check out the debut trailer for The Social Network and be appalled at the lengths of one leader would go to be recognized as the owner of one brilliant idea and the legality issues one faces that tags along with success.

Starring Joseph Mazzello, Jesse Eisenberg, Rashida Jones, Brenda Song, Rooney Mara, Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield, Malese Jow, Max Minghella, Trevor Wright, Dakota Johnson, and directed by “Seven’s” David Fincher.


Are you connected?


Freeze Tiger Trade!

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Nope, we’re not talking about freezing tigers, locking yourself in the freezer, chucking down ice-blendeds for a few weirdly euphoric seconds of brain freeze or anything alike (…though you could?) – we’re talking about putting an end to the violent tiger trade! There is so much we can do to save these jungle friends of ours, and let us make this a call to stop to violent trading tigers!


How and for what specifically, you may ask?

This is in conjunction with the World Tiger Day this July 29 and we want our voices to be heard on putting an end to tiger trades!

Poor tiger and their families 🙁


World leaders will be at the Tiger Summit in Russia this September 2010, and we want you to take part in this movement and express your love for our furry feline Malayan Tigers! Together we can garner massive attention from this Freeze Flash Mob!

Check out the video by WWF Malaysia on tiger trade :

Let’s do our part – say NO to Tiger Trade. Double the number of Tigers by 2022!

So make yourself available this July 30 (Friday). As the rest of the details… well you’d have to constantly check back at http://bit.ly/aMru0Z for clues! *zips mouth*

Well, it is a flash mob freeze after all!


(oops, we mean, SEE)