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Welcome to ChurpChurp!

   Category: Behind the Scenes | 14 Comments

Greetings everyone!

ChurpChurp has been going through a major revamp process, now say hello to the new and improved ChurpChurp!

In our efforts to up the quality of our campaigns to cater to the needs of all our partners, it’s official that we are now venturing into various publishing platforms!

Love sharing about an upcoming event, or interact and discuss with your peers on the latest gadgets in town?

Do beyond social networking in cyberspace by making some ka-ching from your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites all these by simply sharing on them AND get rewarded!

Don’t worry, we won’t hijack your Facebook account and publish ads on our behalf (refer to F.A.Qs), Authorize both Facebook and Twitter in your ChurpChurp account ;


And voilà! you are eligible to participate in more interesting social media campaigns and diversify your publishing platforms (w00t! Means more rewards!). Publishing will be done entirely, manually from your end as long as you follow the brief and timeline given, and once everything is approved, credit goes straight to your account!

Simple as that!

It’s been a wonderful year and ChurpChurp truly appreciates your kind support, love and participation all these while.

Be part of the ChurpChurp family and this exciting new change, authorize Facebook and let’s grow to great lengths together!