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Fly kitey, fly!

Category: Events, Malaysia | 4 Comments

Some kites flew high, some kites stay flat!

Hehe, weeee It was indeed a flying awesome date with all of you Churpers during last Saturday’s Fly Kite Session at Taylor’s University!

We’re thinking of doing this more often, since flying kites not only re-lived our old memories, but most definitely an excercise for some of us. *think running around in circles for a good 20 minutes*

Phew, never thought flying kite needed such skills.

Check out the flying high photos! ;

*Photos credit to ShannonChow, Jessicat, Vvens and Mohd Zaid

Have you seen our new big birdie bunting? Well, you might just see YOURSELF on it. Yup, it’s a collage of the Churpers’ community. Next time you’re invited to a ChurpChurp Gathering or Screening – feel free to snap a photo with it! WEEE!

So geared up with the biggest, most awesome kites cause we’re thinking of having more Fly Kite Outings! YAY!