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Say hello to Nuffnang!

   Category: Highlights, Malaysia, Tips | 43 Comments

Greetings Churpers!

Noticed the new stickman floating on the left corner of your dashboard?

Say hello to ChurpChurp’s latest feature! – connects you to Nuffnang, possibly the coolest online blogging community around! Check it out and learn more on earning while blogging and indulge in community events that are exclusive to Nuffnang bloggers!

Just like ChurpChurp, Nuffnang is a platform where all you avid bloggers out there can earn while doing what you do best ; blogging! Nuffnang  is a blog advertising community that has been around for 3 years and now be part of the awesome events, activities, movie screenings and SO much more!;

So hop on to the bandwagon of getting rewards through your blogs! There’s more to writing and publishing your notes online – be part of Nuffnang at http://www.nuffnang.com.my today!

I say we NANG it!