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Jipaban – Your Personal Online Shopping Mall

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Have you ever imagine what life would be like if you by choice could skip road jam, avoid moisty human traffic, avoid squeezing in tiny dress in an already tiny dressing room, and more tangled hassle when you’re out shopping on a precious weekend?

As cliche as this sounds, search no more my friend! Here’s how you can optimize your shopping experience, all set and done online;

Say hello to Jipaban – your one stop online shopping mall.

First launched 6 months ago in Singapore, Jipaban is one of our sister companies and has been a favourite to both shoppers and retailers ever since. And NOW, we’re bringing it to Malaysia! Weee, shopping can now also be done productively online!

Every shopping mall has it’s own uniqueness and here are some of the unique features on why you should be part of the awesomeness that is – Jipaban:

1. You could personalize your own shopping mall!

While the whole world wide web allows you to hop from one blogshop to another and lets you discover some diamonds in the rough amongst all that, Jipaban is all about housing the best of thebest online shops out there under the same site! Yup, once you found all of these best shops, you could virtually arrange the levels and layers of all these shops based on the categories and labels you prefer. Clothes, shoes, cosmetics – entirely up to your fancy. Oh my.

2. Convenience, convenience, convenience.

One of the best part about Jipaban’s shopping experience is it’s convenience. We’ve experienced it ourselves that when we’ve locked down on our favourite items from an online blogshop, we’re required to do a couple of detailed steps to email the blogshop owners, including – keying in your details, items’ number, our postal address, imagine our emails don’t get through and whatnot, and then look through for more items again, and.. Emailing the blogshop owners back and forth can be quite taxing at times especially if you have so many things you’d like to look into. But with Jipaban! *rays of sunlight*, payment terms and online shopping are easier!

Firstly, select your delivery method,

Secondly, select your preferred payment method. Fill in all the necessary details,

Then you’re done! All what’s left to do is to wait for your magical parcel to arrive to your doorstep. Payment methods accepted include bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. Easy peasy.

3. Tell your friends what you want, what you wish for, or what you REALLY don’t want ; Egg it, smash it or wish it!

Just like updating your Facebook, letting your friends know that you want a pair of RayBan Sunglasses for Christmas is like inviting cheeky comments such as ; ‘I hope your boyfriend sees this’, or ‘OMG it’s gonna look cool on you’ or rather ‘Which one are you thinking of?’.

Or how hard it is to ask opinion from your friends when you’re shopping at your convenience from your home – when they’re all scattered around, and NOT near you? Well Jipaban lets you do just that! With the egg it or smash it feature, Jipaban allows you to invite your friends’ opinions and suggestions on the items that you’ve shared with them.

You can add it to your Egg-on list and let your friends vote whether you’d like to “Egg-on” or “Smash” it! For wish list, you could also share your favourite items and well hope that your friends and family gets the HINT 😛

4. Link Jipaban to your Facebook and Twitter account

Your Jipaban shopping activities will appear on your newsfeed and well, encourages you and your friends to talk about your items.

Being part of Jipaban helps you out as a whole! As an entrepeneur in the online shopping industry, if you are more interested in setting up your business empires – Jipaban is perfect for you! Don’t worry about the best layout design you can custom for your readers and shoppers, your traffic site and among a million and one things to think about like deliveries, marketing efforts – Jipaban takes care of all of that FOR YOU. From marketing efforts, to shops development and assistance – Jipaban is THE answer.

So check out http://www.jipaban.com to experience the awesomeness of online shopping yourself, follow Jipaban on http://www.twitter.com/jipaban and ‘Like’ them on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/Jipaban

Here are the two videos for ;

For Retailers ;

For Shoppers :

Now let’s SHOP!