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Bonus Wednesday!

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Oh Churpers, it’s Bonus Wednesday again!!

Things that would make everyone happy:

1)     Holidays – now that is around the corner!

2)     Money – steal a little bit of your work/assignment time to Churp this and this to your buddies (don’t get caught)! Since its Bonus Wednesday, these Churps come with a little bit of sparkle – instead of RM 0.20/click, your payout’s now RM0.40/click for the first 2000 clicks!!

P.S. Be quick! Bonus Wednesday will last only for 48 hours!


It’s Bonus Wednesday Day!

   Category: Highlights, Malaysia |

Hey Churpers!

This is going to be epic.

So we’re hanging around in the office thinking of what to do next for you guys when we suddenly had an epiphany and figured, ‘Hey, let’s do something fun and rewarding for the Churpers!’.

Well, don’t dread your remaining days ahead anymore & pull your long faces in place cause it’s Bonus Wednesday for Churp Churp today!

Social Sharing is bringing you exploding deals and it’s too good to be missed! Well, Bonus Wednesday is rewarding you 100% bonus rewards per unique click for campaigns Astro PVR and Nestle Profiler!

We’re giving away 100% bonus for those of you who are  sharing these campaigns and get RM0.40 per click!

Don’t wait! Head over to Churp Churp & share these campaigns to your friends via any Facebook, Twitter or even in your own blog.

Have fun & have an awesome Bonus Wednesday, Churpers!

The Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) 2010 finals in KL!

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Wohoo Churpers!

Want to headbang to the biggest, baddest, bands around? Okay make that the best bands globally in the year of 2010! We have an awesome Twitter contest especially for you and be sure not to miss it! The world’s biggest live music challenge, the Global Battle of Bands is here!

The Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) is one of the world’s biggest live talent competition for bands of all genres playing their original material.  Only one of a truly global magnitude – up to 30 countries now involved, it is open to all bands – professional or amateur, signed or unsigned by a recording label.  Yup, aiming to find raw talent wherever it is and expose them… GLOBALLY!

Thank Heavens, this year Malaysia has been appointed to be the Host Country for The Global Battle of the Bands 2010 World Finals where up to 30 bands from all over the world will rock it out in Kuala Lumpur to compete for the grand prize of US$100,000.  This will be the first time that GBOB will be holding the World Finals outside of London. Malaysia Boleh!

Check out the previous years’ winners:

Here comes the best part! be the lucky few Churpers to stand a chance to headbang with the bands competing in the contest and win passes for the qualifying heats in various live music club venus around Klang Valley. ROCK ON!

Winners will represent the National Final where the National Champion and will be awarded RM50,000 in cash and prizes and the right to be the official Malaysian representative to The GBOB Challenge World Finals 2010!

So don’t wait! Log into your Twitter account and tweet to rock with these awesome rockstars!

These are the locations for GBOB in Malaysia:

Jan 7, Fri – Qualifying Heat 1(Jazz & Blues Discovery, Johor Bahru) – 10 pair of exclusive passes up for grabs!

Jan 15, Sat – Qualifying Heat 2 (Soundmaker, Weld Quay, Penang) – 10 pair of exclusive passes up for grabs!

Jan 22, Sat – Qualifying Heat 3 (Bangkok Connexion, Jln Ampang, KL) – 5 pair of exclusive passes up for grabs!

Jan 29, Sat – Qualifying Heat 4 (The Celebrities Club, Solaris Mont Kiara, KL) – 5 pair of exclusive passes up for grabs!

Feb 12, Sat – National Finals (Dragonfly, Jln Kia Peng, KL – To be updated

Feb 24, Thurs –  Pre-World Finals Press Con (KL Tower)

Feb 26, Sat – World Finals (KL Live, Jln Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur) – To be updated

We will post up a question from @Churp and the first 10 or 5 to answer our question with the following keywords gets the exclusive passes! Remember to include @Churp2 and #GBOBMY in your tweet or comment here to win passes!

Sample tweet:

Woohoo! I can’t wait to check out the qualifying heats for #GBOBMY to cast my vote! @Churp2

It’s just as simple as this! The most creative tweets will be picked and you will be give the privilege to watch the awesome bands!

Terms and Conditions :

1. Only open to existing ChurpChurp users to take part.

2. Invites will be sent out via emails to winners 48 hours before each leg of the competition and will require confirmation of attendance through email 24 hours before. Winners who fail to confirm their attendance by the deadline will have their invites revoked and passed to winners who  didn’t make the initial cut.

3. Judges’ decisions are final and not disputable.

4. ChurpChurp reserves the right to ammend this Terms and Conditions without prior notice.