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It’s Bonus Wednesday Day!

Category: Highlights, Malaysia | 4 Comments

Hey Churpers!

This is going to be epic.

So we’re hanging around in the office thinking of what to do next for you guys when we suddenly had an epiphany and figured, ‘Hey, let’s do something fun and rewarding for the Churpers!’.

Well, don’t dread your remaining days ahead anymore & pull your long faces in place cause it’s Bonus Wednesday for Churp Churp today!

Social Sharing is bringing you exploding deals and it’s too good to be missed! Well, Bonus Wednesday is rewarding you 100% bonus rewards per unique click for campaigns Astro PVR and Nestle Profiler!

We’re giving away 100% bonus for those of you who are  sharing these campaigns and get RM0.40 per click!

Don’t wait! Head over to Churp Churp & share these campaigns to your friends via any Facebook, Twitter or even in your own blog.

Have fun & have an awesome Bonus Wednesday, Churpers!