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Nuffnang – Churpchurp Connect

   Category: Highlights, Tips | 3 Comments

Hello Churpers!

We have something new to aid in convenience! You can now connect to your Nuffnang account with a few clicks!

So here as a Churper, you are rewarded for sharing on all your social media platforms llike Twitter, Facebook, IM and any many others. On Nuffnang, you are able to monetise your blogs! PLUS, get invited to movie premiere screenings, exclusive parties and whole lot of fun gatherings and contests! All exclusive to Nuffnangers only!

Now, you can toggle between the two websites without the hassle of signing in twice!

Here’s how to do it!
1. Log in to your Churp Churp account.

2. Sign in with your details

3. Hover over “Nuffnang (Link now)” and click “Nuffnang Singapore”!

4. It will lead to this page below. Sign in to your Nuffnang account.

5. And you’re done!

Now you can log in to your Nuffnang account with Churp Churp, and vice versa! Convenience is something we all love! Try it out for yourselves, and if you are not a Nuffnang member yet, sign up now at http://nuffnang.com.sg!