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[Bonus Wednesday] Time to upgrade to iPhone 4, and 5x your Bonuslink Points. How?

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Been using the same ol’ same ol’ phone for quite a while now? You can finally upgrade your phone to the much talked about iPhone 4 by just by upgrading your line to iDiGi RM 138 or to iDiGi RM 238. Or, simply opt to subscribe to DiGi line if all you do is dreaming and quivering about the iPhone 4.

Get started here:

Been religiously flashing your Bonuslink cards wherever you go? Insisted all the shops to take your Bonuslink cards, just cause (when we all know it’s for the Bonuslink Points anyway)? There is even more chance to flash ’em cards now when paying for the DiGi Broadband! Find out how.

Get started here:

Share this awesome news to your friends today and get rewarded RM 0.20 – RM 0.40 (on Bonus Wednesdays) per unique click.