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Women: 100 MANifesto: sign it, share it, do it

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“A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself.” – Loretta Young

What is it about the softness in a woman’s articulation, the complexity in her emotions, the protective maternal instincts over everything around her, the humility in her actions and the strength in her eyes that makes a woman both strong and vulnerable at the same time?

Women’s suffrage is firmly entrenched as a right by the United Nations and many countries have adopted legislation that accord women every right that their male counterparts are entitled to. Yet, while laws and regulations are one thing, concrete and enduring change requires a shift in attitudes from the ground up.

Will YOU join the movement?

Will YOU be that change for the women that you treasure and love?

Naz Rahman – Celebrity Ambassador (Actor & TV Personality)

In conjunction of celebrating 100 years of International Women’s Day, as a proud online media partner, ChurpChurp would like to call upon YOU to celebrate, embrace and appreciate women in more ways than one, and we want you to showcase your support by signing the MANifesto and follow through weekly challenges and pledges in Women : 100’s site ; http://manifesto.my/ and once you’ve completed the challenges, you will then pursue the next week’s and so on, and win weekly prizes!

Starting from March 8, Kakiseni, along with a host of local venues and the Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development will showcase a series of performances inspired by women – strong  stories, thoughts, experiences and the issues that revolve around them presenting one hundred hours of performing arts across Malaysia in tribute of women.

Churp Churp invites you to take part in this empowering campaign in supporting and celebrating women. Sign the MANifesto to be an active part in this campaign to raise awareness on love, appreciate and to empower women. You are entitled to win lucky draw prizes and join the cast of “Life Sdn Bhd: Abuse” in signing the commitment to support women in Malaysia.

Press Launch of MANifesto at Actor Studio (Low Ngai Yuen – Kakiseni & Kal Joffress – Tandemic & Jessie Ying)

There will be ongoing live plays (theatrical) giveaways from ChurpChurp – so follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/churp2  to find out how to win these tickets and be active in this campaign 🙂

Or, if you’d like to catch the shows – Check out all the shows at KakiSeni and RSVP your attendance today! 🙂

Have a deep dark secret that you wish you could share it to the world yet, still be able to hide yourself from all the brutal judgement and mean assumptions from the world? Try PostSecret.

Share your secret by submitting them online at http://postsecret.my as part of the Women : 100 effort in the Women: 100 campaign.

We appreciate your great support 🙂