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Social Sharing Do’s and Dont’s – Posting on Partners’ FanPages

   Category: Malaysia, Tips | 2 Comments

Greetings Churper!

We are thankful and appreciative that as of lately, Social Share campaigns are pouring in almost everyday – and lucky you, you get to bloat up your pocket money through active participation in sharing across all your social network platforms 🙂

However, with all that active participation in all the Social Sharing campaigns, we STILL recognise a serious no-no that we’ve seen being practiced eventhough we’ve strongly discouraged you so in the Social Sharing guidelines.

Just like your’s and mine’s, our partners’ Facebook FanPages are all about connecting with their friends and fans on the latest events, news and other exciting activities. We do encourage posting personal relevant interactions like show of love and appreciation or inquiries on exciting news.

So sharing on our partner’s Facebook FanPages as shown below ; are not only considered as irrelevant to them (‘cause hey! They know all about this and you should be sharing it to your friends instead! 🙂 And this is also considred as SPAMMING. Yes to sharing on your Facebook Profile or FanPage(s) because the pages are yours, but not on our partner’s Facebok FanPage like below. Like the ongoing DiGi Super Reload Campaign;

Posting on the FanPage is considered spam to them since they are promoting it on their FanPage as well. This as shown below is a huge NO-NO.

We wanna let you know that by doing so is NOT COOL, cause well we all don’t appreciate spams right?

As well as sharing on our partner’s on our partner’s competing brands are strongly discouraged. We all love healthy competitions and this unfortunately, is not the right way to do so. Support the brands that we strongly believe in, rather than posting on each other’s FanPages because this too, is considered a spam. FanPages are as we say, meant for friendly interactions with you and the page 🙂

We encourage you to practice these guidelines we’ve shared and trust that you are a responsible Churper. Please take note that, if reported we will issue you a warning letter should you continuously post up links on partner’s/ partner’s competing brands’ fanpage and maybe even suspend your account – so let’s not opt to do that 🙁