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[CLOSED]PIT STOP: Upload your ‘Race Face’ photo these 72 hours to get your Power Bar and double your KMs!

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-THIS JUST IN! New submission deadline for all you vainpots out there! –

Are you ready to collect more KMs Churpers?!

At every intense race, there has to be a pit stop. Imagine the intensity of all;

A pit stop that would re-fuel or re-align your race car allowing you to gain momentum to speed up leaving the rest behind trailing with dust. So you’re stuck at a spot for a couple of days now? Or what about wanting to maintain speed throughout the race? This my dear racers, is gonna move you way ahead in the race!

Now this is a pit stop YOU need, introducing The Great Churp Churp Race’s power bar only up for grabs by 30th April 2011, 2pm!

Grab this power bar to double your KMs for every friend invited and also for every unique click received! Now what happens at The Great Churp Churp Race’s Pit Stop? It’s probably the easiest and most fun pit stop EVER …

All you have to do is;

Step 1: Go to Churp Churp’s Facebook Fan Page and ‘LIKE’ Churp Churp’s Facebook Fan Page.

Step 2: Head to Wall and select ‘Photo’.

Step 3: Once ‘Photo’ is selected, you can choose whether to ‘Upload YOUR ‘Race Face’ Photo or Take a Photo using your Webcam!’

Step 4: Upload your ‘Race Face’ by 2pm (30.04.11) onto Churp Churp’s Facebook Fan Page AND add #Churp2Race to your photo description to be eligible for the power bar. Remember, it must be your face – cause we wanna see your RACE FACE! 😀 EG:

Step 5: Invite and blast this message out to all of your friends. Right after this 72 hours period, ALL your KMs earned starting May 1 (12.00AM)  to May 2 (12.00AM) will DOUBLE!!
(This means: Instead of +100KM for every friend invited, with the power bar it is +200KM. And for every unique click received, with the power bar it is +2KM instead of +1km)

Hurry, do a quick pit stop now: grab your camera, and start posing now! Hehe isn’t this fun? 😀

*Picture courtesy of Guardian.co.uk

[MY] Get 1 FREE Customized First Treatment from New York Skin Solution! Woots!

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Dear Churpers,

Do you cringe at the oily reflection of your skin when you’re passing a mirror? Then on good days, you tie-up your hair in a ponytail just to show off that glowing skin? Then… you get breakouts again? Then it’s silky smooth again, then.. *sigh*

Battling against your love hate relationship with your skin? Well, don’t be anymore! 🙂

Here’s your solution! More like, your New York Skin Solution!

YOU and your friends are getting 1 FREE Customized first treatment! No obligations, no strings attached! All you have to do is submit to us your email address and phone number here, and be the first 50 to receive confirmed notification and you’re on your way for the FREE skin treatment!

Hurry, get prim and proper before that special date! 😉


**Thank you for your submissions! The entries are now closed!**

We will notify you via email if you're among the first 50 to receive the FREE Customized treatment! Thank you! 🙂

Social Sharing Dos’ – How to Maximize your Social Share Earnings!

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Hi Churpers!

Hope all’s well in the sizzling race! If you’re not in the hot race to iPad 2 yet, here‘s how to join everyone else!

There are so many Social Sharing campaigns on-going like the HyppTV, WWWOW Awards, Make your Life ‘Senang’ with more ‘Menang‘, Test Drive with Proton Exora, Mother’s Day Celebration, and What’s My Berry that I’m sure you just can’t wait to share or have been sharing them diligently to all of your family and friends!

So with all that sharing, we’re sure you guys are familiar on how Social Sharing works, but if you still don’t, fret not! Feel free to read here for more info! Well, how do you obtain and retain clicks once you share it on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites?

Constantly sharing it, of course! 🙂

Basically what you have to do is to make sure your Social Sharing updates appears on the top of the page as frequent as you can to maximize your rewards! Since you know Facebook and Twitter have so many updates at times, these updates go right down to the bottom of the page and woops, some rewards could be missing right there from being missed out on the front page! Especially for Twitter, this tip might come in REAL handy!

Here’s an example how you can maximize your rewards for Facebook for All:

See how this user has shared the campaign on April 18, 2011?

Well, she has the liberty to update it as many times as she wants -right up till last night!

Another example:

See how she shared on April 24, 2011?

Here’s another update last night!

Cool, right? Remember to maximize your clicks cause more people checking it out equals to more rewards! Have fun while you’re at it! 🙂

Churpers! Let’s make Malaysia the Facebook Capital of the world!

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Did you know,

Fact #1 – Malaysians have ‘The Most Facebook Friends’ on average.

Fact #2 – Malaysians spend ‘The Most Time’ on Facebook.

Fact #3 – Facebook is ‘The Most Visited site in Malaysia’.

Let’s rally and reach out to Facebook to work together on a huge collage of petitions to get Facebook to acknowledge Malaysia to be the Facebook capital of the world! Tag along your friends, and bring along their friends and families to share this Facebook App and download your pictures to create the biggest Facebook collage as an ‘Invitation Card‘ to the world’s first LIVE  ‘Facebook Party’ in Malaysia!

Here’s where YOU come in to participate and make Malaysia THE Facebook Capital of the world ;

Step 1. Share this news with your friends and families on all your social networks:

Step 2. Check out the page, Like it and add your profile picture to the Movement gallery. Your picture will help us create the largest FB invite card ever. So large, Facebook won’t ignore us! 🙂 Check out the Facebook Page.

Step 3. Pledge your support in the application and you could win an exclusive invite to DiGi’s LIVE FB Party!

Step 4. Share more! Make sure your mum, your dad, your brother, your sister, your aunties, your uncles, your uncles’ uncles, your favourite kopitiam’s uncle, your hairstylist, your fans, basically EVERYONE knows about this!

You, me, hand in hand. Let’s make this happen!


Mission Taking Over the World ; NomNom Media’s Social Media Minds

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Ladies and gentlemen,

In 5-6 pages tell US, what you want, how you want them, where you want them, when you want them and who you want the most.

Yeah, we’re talking…

About campaigns  and mission taking over the world, The NomNom Media’s Social Media Minds Survey.

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen these banners all over the blogsphere;

Basically let us know everything about you in order for us, to give you MORE campaigns and uphold the quality of the campaigns while we’re at it. Yup, you heard it. Your say, your opinion, your suggestion. All yours.

There is a reason why we make sure we keep you updated on the awesomest latest trends, promos and goss. Easy; ‘cause we want to give you the priviledge as a Churper the heads up on everything and well, ‘cause you’re simply the best. Ever wished you could share to your friends up to 20 different types of freakin’ awesome deals and promos that are going on all at once and double, triple or even quadraple your rewards altogether? The objective of this mission is to give more to you. More promotions, more campaigns, more deals. We’d like to understand who you are as a Churper, an Internet user, and most importantly as a bearer of opinion and we would like to appreciate them.

Play your part as a responsible Churper and share with us what works for you, and what doesn’t. Take part in The NomNom Media’s Social Media Minds Survey and basically answer all the questions we’ve shared with you to be a reason of voice for ChurpChurp. By being part in this mission *wink, you’d get to really dissect social media and share with us. If you’re already a part of it, you’d be part in our pool of campaigns’ demographics, hence more targeting on you, hence more ka-ching!

Wake up. *click*

Look at phone. *click*

Type, www.churpchurp.com *click*

We know you sneakily log in to ChurpChurp in your mobile when you’re in the midst of a class lecture, add a new Tab when you’re working in the office to check out our latest promotions, deals and well maybe, tweeting on the latest assignments when you’re stucked in a slow moving jam – making sure you get all the correct keywords and #tag 😀 Basically, we know how much you love us, and this should be just the right reason for us to get to know you more.

What are you waiting for, head to The NomNom Media’s Social Media Minds Survey and share your voice and you’ll be rewarded RM 1.00 for the completed survey. Yeay!