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Mission Taking Over the World ; NomNom Media’s Social Media Minds

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Ladies and gentlemen,

In 5-6 pages tell US, what you want, how you want them, where you want them, when you want them and who you want the most.

Yeah, we’re talking…

About campaigns  and mission taking over the world, The NomNom Media’s Social Media Minds Survey.

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen these banners all over the blogsphere;

Basically let us know everything about you in order for us, to give you MORE campaigns and uphold the quality of the campaigns while we’re at it. Yup, you heard it. Your say, your opinion, your suggestion. All yours.

There is a reason why we make sure we keep you updated on the awesomest latest trends, promos and goss. Easy; ‘cause we want to give you the priviledge as a Churper the heads up on everything and well, ‘cause you’re simply the best. Ever wished you could share to your friends up to 20 different types of freakin’ awesome deals and promos that are going on all at once and double, triple or even quadraple your rewards altogether? The objective of this mission is to give more to you. More promotions, more campaigns, more deals. We’d like to understand who you are as a Churper, an Internet user, and most importantly as a bearer of opinion and we would like to appreciate them.

Play your part as a responsible Churper and share with us what works for you, and what doesn’t. Take part in The NomNom Media’s Social Media Minds Survey and basically answer all the questions we’ve shared with you to be a reason of voice for ChurpChurp. By being part in this mission *wink, you’d get to really dissect social media and share with us. If you’re already a part of it, you’d be part in our pool of campaigns’ demographics, hence more targeting on you, hence more ka-ching!

Wake up. *click*

Look at phone. *click*

Type, www.churpchurp.com *click*

We know you sneakily log in to ChurpChurp in your mobile when you’re in the midst of a class lecture, add a new Tab when you’re working in the office to check out our latest promotions, deals and well maybe, tweeting on the latest assignments when you’re stucked in a slow moving jam – making sure you get all the correct keywords and #tag 😀 Basically, we know how much you love us, and this should be just the right reason for us to get to know you more.

What are you waiting for, head to The NomNom Media’s Social Media Minds Survey and share your voice and you’ll be rewarded RM 1.00 for the completed survey. Yeay!