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Churpers! Let’s make Malaysia the Facebook Capital of the world!

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Did you know,

Fact #1 – Malaysians have ‘The Most Facebook Friends’ on average.

Fact #2 – Malaysians spend ‘The Most Time’ on Facebook.

Fact #3 – Facebook is ‘The Most Visited site in Malaysia’.

Let’s rally and reach out to Facebook to work together on a huge collage of petitions to get Facebook to acknowledge Malaysia to be the Facebook capital of the world! Tag along your friends, and bring along their friends and families to share this Facebook App and download your pictures to create the biggest Facebook collage as an ‘Invitation Card‘ to the world’s first LIVE  ‘Facebook Party’ in Malaysia!

Here’s where YOU come in to participate and make Malaysia THE Facebook Capital of the world ;

Step 1. Share this news with your friends and families on all your social networks:

Step 2. Check out the page, Like it and add your profile picture to the Movement gallery. Your picture will help us create the largest FB invite card ever. So large, Facebook won’t ignore us! 🙂 Check out the Facebook Page.

Step 3. Pledge your support in the application and you could win an exclusive invite to DiGi’s LIVE FB Party!

Step 4. Share more! Make sure your mum, your dad, your brother, your sister, your aunties, your uncles, your uncles’ uncles, your favourite kopitiam’s uncle, your hairstylist, your fans, basically EVERYONE knows about this!

You, me, hand in hand. Let’s make this happen!