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[CLOSED]PIT STOP: Upload your ‘Race Face’ photo these 72 hours to get your Power Bar and double your KMs!

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-THIS JUST IN! New submission deadline for all you vainpots out there! –

Are you ready to collect more KMs Churpers?!

At every intense race, there has to be a pit stop. Imagine the intensity of all;

A pit stop that would re-fuel or re-align your race car allowing you to gain momentum to speed up leaving the rest behind trailing with dust. So you’re stuck at a spot for a couple of days now? Or what about wanting to maintain speed throughout the race? This my dear racers, is gonna move you way ahead in the race!

Now this is a pit stop YOU need, introducing The Great Churp Churp Race’s power bar only up for grabs by 30th April 2011, 2pm!

Grab this power bar to double your KMs for every friend invited and also for every unique click received! Now what happens at The Great Churp Churp Race’s Pit Stop? It’s probably the easiest and most fun pit stop EVER …

All you have to do is;

Step 1: Go to Churp Churp’s Facebook Fan Page and ‘LIKE’ Churp Churp’s Facebook Fan Page.

Step 2: Head to Wall and select ‘Photo’.

Step 3: Once ‘Photo’ is selected, you can choose whether to ‘Upload YOUR ‘Race Face’ Photo or Take a Photo using your Webcam!’

Step 4: Upload your ‘Race Face’ by 2pm (30.04.11) onto Churp Churp’s Facebook Fan Page AND add #Churp2Race to your photo description to be eligible for the power bar. Remember, it must be your face – cause we wanna see your RACE FACE! 😀 EG:

Step 5: Invite and blast this message out to all of your friends. Right after this 72 hours period, ALL your KMs earned starting May 1 (12.00AM)  to May 2 (12.00AM) will DOUBLE!!
(This means: Instead of +100KM for every friend invited, with the power bar it is +200KM. And for every unique click received, with the power bar it is +2KM instead of +1km)

Hurry, do a quick pit stop now: grab your camera, and start posing now! Hehe isn’t this fun? 😀

*Picture courtesy of Guardian.co.uk