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“A hundred kilometres to inspire a thousand dreams”

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Different collars, different lives, different time zones. We all live in our own little bubbles – but what is the one thing that we all have in common? The ground that we live on, and how do we strive to make it a better place? One friend, one runner – Alex Au Yong is in pursuit of changing lives of underprivileged kids.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/startsociety

His mission is to run a challenging 100KMs across Klang Valley to support the ambitions and dreams of the children of StArt SocietyStArt Society is an academy that provides art classes to the underpriviledged youths. Through the use of music, drama, speech, writing and more, StArt Society aims to help the youths unlock and express their love for the arts and we are giving our full support! 🙂

Source: http://www.facebook.com/startsociety

Calling ALL Churpers, ALL Churpers!

This is where you come in and take this advantage to share this great cause to all of your friends and get everyone to talk about it via Facebook, Twitter and across all other social platforms. There are two ways you can be actively involved with, in this cause ;

1. You can pledge a donation of RM 10 or more and you will get a hand-made lantern specially made by the kids at StArt. For donation of RM 40 and above, you will get a memento Xtramile Run t-shirt. You can do this directly at http://www.xtramile.info/ and help the unfortunate grasp their dreams little by little! 🙂

2. Or you can also opt to visit StArt Foundation this coming June 1 (Wednesday) at Jalan Gasing, and meet the hero himself or join Alex Au Yong  for a short run (but don’t be too ambitious!) during the event day itself, by filling up your deets in the form below and we’ll contact you accordingly! Remember, do submit to us whether you’d like to visit StArt Foundation or run with our hero Alex Au-Yong and submit your details by Monday, June 6 2011.

So come join Churp Churp in supporting our dear friend, and marathon proffesional Alex Au Yong in supporting this cause in whichever you are most capable of. Watch out for the live updates from the XtraMileRun team by following their Twitter (@XtraMileDay) and the StArt Society (@StARTSociety). Be part of the event’s conversation by following the event page and their Facebook page as well, http://www.facebook.com/startsociety.

For more info head to http://www.xtramile.info/


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