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Featured SG Churpers for Nuffnang & Churp Churp Connect

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Hello Churpers!

We’ve scanned through all your quickest talents you’ve shared with us, thought some of the entries were quite out of the world and laughed a ball after reading some, it was time to pick out 3 winners.

It was a tough job picking out the most interesting entries from our connect your Nuffnang & Churp Churp account contest, but we have finally decided on our 3 featured SG Churpers! And here’s presenting to you, *drum roll* their secret (or not so secret anymore) talents!

Featured Churper 1

Here’s one of Katherine’s designs!

Almost Midnight;
The click of Feli’s heels echoed on the pavement.
Her pretty lips and sharp blue eyes shaped like a cat, along with a cute feline headgear around her long flowing hair attracted the attention of everyone in the street.
Little did they knows that she wore that to hide her oddly pointed ears that looked far too big for her face…

The meaning behind her artwork:

Katherine: In the past Ive been through the so-called “Ugly Duckling Symptom”.

I have witnessed the essence of the cruel truth it describes how most people tend to judge on the outside. Stereotyping and prejudicing.

First impressions really do count.

But of course the truth is most of the change we think we see in life is due to truths being in and out of favor.

I only overcome with this fear after I learnt that I have to love myself first.
Knowing that I exist before I decide who, or what I am. Feel bad enough about ourselves doesn’t help at all.

If acceptance feels so good and is so good for us, then why don’t we accept ourselves?

Katherine’s message to all: I’ve never thought I can win something just by spreading a simple message! It got me all hyper, how surprising! Thanks to Nuffnang & Churp Churp! Hey Fellow Churpies, what are you waiting for?! Start  your fingers to work on the keyboard now, get rewards for spreading messages today!

Featured Churper 2

Churp Churp: Give us a tip on how to put on makeup quick and fast in the morning!

Zoe: Focus on the product OR products that is/are essential to you. It might be the eyeliner or mascara cause you want to add life to your eyes and cause you believe that yes are windows to the soul! 1 min is definitely enough if you filter out the products that are not as important on weekdays when we always have lesser time!

Zoe’s message to all: It’s my first time participating in a churp contest and I won! It could be you the next time! Have fun!

Featured Churper 3

Churp Churp: Do you practice gymnastics in order to be able to do cartwheels, or was it just purely for fun?

Cherring: I was part of my school gymnastics team since primary 2, for 8 years. Cartwheels are the most basic technique in artistic gymnastics and I did my first cartwheel on the very first day of CCA. So even now, cartwheels come really natural to me.  Ask any gymnast out there and they can flip a perfect cartwheel for you without breaking a drop of sweat. I can do both left- and right-sided cartwheels, but of course my right side is much more seasoned than my left! 🙂

Cherring’s message to all:

Aloha to all SGChurpers! This is Ms Cherring, and I am really very H.A.P.P.Y that I got featured considering that I have the most unusual interests & hobbies. I tweet and blog about my fetish for unsavoury geeky things from optogenetics, to artsy fartsy surrealism. Those who follow me definitely have a gimongous apetite for weird things, that’s for sure! From time to time, I’d tweet L.O.V.E quotes to inspire the uninspired, and my all-time favourite quote: There’re plenty of fishes in the sea, don’t go trippin’ over a guppy.” Hah! Lastly, a zillion THANKS to SG ChurpChurp for the generous feature, I will definitely push my lady luck again to win more contests in the near future! ありがとうございます!


Last but not least, if any of you would like to say hello to them, you may comment in the comment box below this post! That’s about it and have a great one all!