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Win yourself TGV movie passes to catch awesome movies via Chuckei Baby Jane and Hanis Zalikha!

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It’s the blockbuster season! We are going to do something a little different!

Action packed, summer chick-flicks, new sci-fi phenomenon.

Ready to catch all these awesome movies??! Win yourself a pair of TGV movie passes to catch all these awesome shows via Chuckei Baby Jane & HanisZalikha !

Both Chuckei Baby Jane & Hanis Zalikha have submitted their favourite pose from their  favourite movie to Churp Churp’s Facebook! Comment on their photos to tell us your favourite movie of all time, and why! Hanis, Jane and us Churpies will be picking the best 30 comments from each photo and you’ll be on your way to enjoy the movie of your choice with your exclusive TGV movie passes! 😉

Comments submitted from TODAY (June 22, 2011) to Sunday (June 26, 20110) are eligible for this! So Hurry up, Churpers, comment on their photos on Churp Churp’s Facebook!

All the best!

Michelle Teh