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Churp Churp’s Very First #ChurpOut @ Mark’s Place

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It was our very first attempt at it…we were a li’l nervous but very VERY excited.

We talked about it for a while and we decided it was about time we had it… and so… we had it.

Our very FIRST #ChurpOut session of Churp Churp!

…and it was Awesomemazing! *wipes sweat*

First of all, a big thank you to all of you who took time off your precious Friday night to meet (but mostly play) with us at our #ChurpOut session @ Mark’s Place! For those of you who missed it, no worries as we will do our best to organize more #ChurpOuts in the future. Here’s our coverage of the event!

Mark’s Place is a little quaint neighborhood restaurant at Plaza Kelana Jaya, it’s a perfect place to chill with friends after a busy day’s work.

Check out some snaps of Mark’s Place by Isaac!

Since it was a Friday night, we started off a little later than expected but the place was instantly warmed up with the arrival of more happy churpers that night.

We started off with a little Sausage eating competition where some of you REALLY amazed us with your speed eating skills! 5 eager churpers stepped up to the challenge that night to win our exclusive limited edition Churp Churp flashdrive and the prize went to… Simon! For those of us who were there, we knew how intense the competition was, didn’t we? =)

Shortly after the competition, we had the ever friendly owner, Mark to present his brand new menu for the restaurant. For those of you who have not tried Mark’s food, we urge you to do so as every dish in the menu is made out of his very own recipe!

At Churp Churp, we are all supporters of local talents and hence we had a local band – Freeloaders to take the stage, entertaining the crowd while the dinner was served.

We then had a little game to work out a bit after the scrumptious dinner and to get everyone to mingle….in a unique way. 😉 We twisted the game a little by getting the finalists of this games to show off some of their dance moves! Sorry to have put some of you on the spot but come on, it was fun time wasn’t it? 😉

Simon even got a video of the whole dancing part of the night! What a show! 😛

We custom made some speech bubbles for the Night and here are some of the snapshots with the speech bubbles that night!

Thank you all again for making this first #ChurpOut a success, it turned out to be a lot more fun than we thought it would be. I guess we underestimated the energy you Churpers can bring to a meet up! We will definitely be doing more of these with the continuous support from you guys.<3

For more pictures of #ChurpOut @ Mark’s Place, check out the whole photo album at our Facebook Page!


Michelle Teh

Churp Churp Relations Department