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Say hello to the new and improved Churp Churp!

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*surprise,  surprise!*


As you all can see – Churp Churp now has a new and much improved face catered to enhance your sharing experience! We know you’re itching to browse around and start sharing – here’s a simple guideline for you to follow through and learn more about our brand new website 🙂

Before that, have you noticed our new interactive header with some of our Churpers? Did you guys know that some of our favorite local celebrities are Churpers like you guys too?  Tweet them & follow their updates!

For friends who are new to Churp Churp 

If you’re new to Churp Churp and have been wondering what THIS IS ALL about – we are a community of social media influencers who gets rewarded for sharing things we love the most!

#1 – All you have to do is simply start off as registering yourself as a Churper. With an effortless click on the [Sign in with Facebook] or [Sign in with Twitter] button, you can now access your Churp Churp account while surfing Facebook or Twitter at the same time!


#2 – Soooo what’s next you ask? We have a thorough step by step guide after you’re registered with us on how to navigate around, getting familiar with us and eventually starts sharing awesome stuff with  your friends!


For friends who are already in Churp Churp

Here are the new exciting features that you can learn to navigate around and explore! These features are designed and created for YOUR convenience! You may want to read these carefully as we have a surprise at the end of this entry!

#1  1Login on your favorite social media platforms!

– You can now log in to your Churp Churp account via [Sign in with Facebook] or [Sign in with Twitter] button! Access to your Churp Churp account while surfing Facebook or Twitter!


Login with Facebook

 Login with Twitter

 #2 Keep tabs on what you Share & Seed!

The dashboard is now focused on two tabs – Social Seeding and Social Sharing!  You can now keep tabs of the number of campaigns we have available for you (Social Share) and those we’ve specially selected for you (Social Seeding)!

#3 – Get your questions answered!

Need some help? Hover above the question mark for a simple guideline on sharing; refer to our Dos and Don’ts on sharing at the left side bar or refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also write to us at the Contact Us page if you’re still lost! :p

#1 Auto Share FTW! (for the win)!

Upgraded Social Sharing Experience – Social Sharing experienced a major upgrade and revamp! You can now share your favorite campaigns on the page itself with your friends and opt to Auto-share the campaigns as much as you want in a day, in a week, in case your friends missed out on your update! This helps in maximizing your rewards!

#2 Share it on the go! 

Guess what? ChurpChurp.com is now MOBILE FRIENDLY! You can now share exciting latest promos with your friends through your smartphones and tablets wherever you are!  Try it out now!

What we’re still working on


We know that we have been pushing our site to its maximum capacity. We’re actually in the midst of optimizing the site to provide you the easiest and fastest browsing & sharing experience!

So we’ve revealed to you our surprise that we’ve been working hard on and we hope you’ll like our new features as much as we enjoyed coming up with it! Check out how different it looks now compared to our previous site!

To make the revamp even more special, we have decided to give out 50 churpie plushies to you guys! Just tell us which is your favorite feature update of the brand new Churp Churp and why in the comment box below this entry! We will select the 50 best comments and notify the winners via email!


Loads of love,

Churp Churp Team