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How Malaysian Are You?

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Did you sing Negaraku loud and proud when the clock struck 12 AM on 31st of August? Are your ears able to pick up the Malaysian accent ANYWHERE whilst on holiday abroad? Do you believe that a true Malaysian does not need to own a GPS?

Malaysia is our home, wrapped with our multi-cultural identities. In the spirit for Hari Malaysia this coming 16th September, The Churp Churp team are challenging you to be on the HOT SEAT with…. *drull rolls*..

How Malaysian Are You! Quiz!

Test your wit on facts based in Malaysia – anything, any one and any object from Malaysia, in Malaysia, and around Malaysia! The questions are not to be taken too seriously and we hope it will put a smile on your face. This is the time to see if  you really know all the food from the Mamak, who your local celebrities are and what are the words to their famous songs!  Or the names of our beautiful islands that attract tons of tourists to our country every year!

Quickly now, get your friends on board to take the How Malaysian Are You Quiz and compare your results to see what everyone has to say about our beloved country in our Faces of Malaysia Gallery!

For the record, Churpie Churp is 100% Malaysian! What about you?

Spread the love, Malaysians! <3