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Churp Churp Exclusive Screening – Dream House

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Where is the scariest place you have ever been to? A graveyard? An abandoned factory? A haunted ride? Ever entered a place where you felt it was so creepy you could feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and your arms riddled with goosebumps?

Think about the most creepiest and scariest place you’ve ever stepped foot on as Churp Churp will be having an exclusive screening for the movie Dream House courtesy of Universal Pictures.

DANIEL CRAIG, NAOMI and RACHEL WEISZ star in Dream House, a suspense thriller about a family that unknowingly moves into a home where grisly murders were committed…only to uncover even darker mysteries within its walls. Successful publisher Will Atenton (Craig) quit a high power job in Manhatten to relocate his wife, Libby (Weisz), and two girls to a quaint New England town. But as they settle into their new life, they discover their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her children. And the entire city believes it was at the hands of the husband who survived.

When Will investigates, he’s not sure if he’s starting to see ghosts or if the tragic story is just hitting too close to home. His only clues come from Ann Paterson (Watts), a mysterious neighbor who knew those who were shot.

And as Will and Ann piece together the haunting puzzle, they must find out who murdered the family in Will’s dream house before he returns to kill again.

So have you thought about the scariest place you have ever been in? Share with us your most terrifying memory of any location and 20 lucky Churpers will get to join us for this suspense thriller!


Churp Churp Exclusive Screening Dream House

Date: 26 September 2011 (Monday)

Time: 9.15 P.M.

Venue: GSC Mid Valley  


How to win a pair of passes for the screening?

1. Tweet to us @Churp2 on the scariest place you have ever been to! Make sure your keywords include #DreamHouse, @Churp2 and http://bit.ly/qldVWP

Sample tweet: “Scariest place I’ve ever been in was Pudu Jail for a school trip. Man that was scary! #DreamHouse http://bit.ly/qldVWP @Churp

2. Fill up this form with your details, and most importantly the permalink to your tweet.

Oops! We could not locate your form.

To get your tweet permalink, Mouse over the date/time of your tweet and copy that link!

Do look through our Terms & Conditions before participation. We can’t wait to catch Dream House with you! All the best!


Terms and conditions:

1)      This movie screening is opened to existing Churp Churp users in Malaysia to take part.

2)      To participate, Churpers are required to Tweet to us with the stated conditions and fill in the movie contest submission form in this blog post. Only complete contest entries are accepted and eligible for participation.

3)      Protected tweets that not traceable by Churp Churp will not be accepted as participation to the contest.

4)      Invites will be sent out via emails to winners by September 20th 2011 (Tuesday) and will require confirmation of attendance through email by September 23rd 2011 (Friday). Winners who fail to confirm their attendance by the deadline will have their invites revoked and passed to winners who didn’t make the initial cut.

5)      Judges’ decisions are final and not disputable.

6)      Churp Churp reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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