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October Scare Fest – Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Are you afraid of the dark? Does the mystic of the unknown capture your deepest and darkest fear?

The third edition of ChurpChurp’s October Scare Fest is bound to send that familiar chill right to your very bones.  Don’t be afraid of the dark’ is sure to have you panting in your sleep and trigger the most basic element of fear. This horror movie promises to not just scare its viewers but to take them on horror ride like no other.

Due to creative and passionate writing by Guillermo Del Toro this long awaited remake is the last edition of our Scarefest, thanks to United International Pictures. Worry not as we have saved the best for last. Join us for the scare experience of a life time.

“Traditional fairytales often talk about fairy abductions:

Fairies abducting children, babies, adults,

and returning them to their families – changed.

Either in the form of a changeling, or simply twisted,

full of dark vices and inclinations,

howling at the moon or whatever.

They change them in a strange way,

and I thought that it was nice to integrate those things into the story.” 

Guillermo del Toro

Producer, co-writer

The movie revolves around Sally, a young girl who is sent to live with her estranged father and his girlfriend at their new mansion. The father, Alex has plans to refurnish up the home with the help of his girlfriend, Kim who is an interior decorator.

The previous owner of the grand mansion had suddenly disappeared. Sally soon discovers the secret behind the previous owner’s disappearance. Watch as how curiosity leads Sally into unleashing the ancient terrors as they run amok on the living.

October Scare Fest – Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark 

Date : 25th October 2011 (Tuesday) 

Time : 9PM 

Venue : GSC Mid Valley 

60 lucky Churpers who are not afraid of the dark will be invited to join us in this scare fest! All you have to do is comment on this blog post by completing the following sentence sentence with no word limit..

“The thing I’m most afraid of in the dark is___________, because________________”

Movie Stills from www.toprelease.us

Terms and conditions:

1)      This movie screening is opened to existing Churp Churp users in Malaysia to take part. Be sure to sign up with just a click of a button via Facebook/Twitter so we have you in our database!

2)      To participate, Churpers are required to comment on this blog post to us with the stated conditions. Only complete contest entries are accepted and eligible for participation.

3)      Invites will be sent out via emails to winners by October 18th 2011 (Tuesday) and will require confirmation of attendance through email by October 20th 2011 (Thursday). Winners who fail to confirm their attendance by the deadline will have their invites revoked and passed to winners who didn’t make the initial cut.

4)      Judges’ decisions are final and not disputable.

5)      Churp Churp reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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