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#ChurpOut at #ChatimePublika!

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Hey Churpers!

Remember the #ChurpOut we had at Chatime Publika just a few weeks ago? Here’s our recap to highlight how much fun we had! You might see yourself in some pictures taken by the Churpers! And for those who didn’t get to join us, check out what you’ve missed!

(credits to Merryn for the picture)

This is the third #ChurpOut event we’ve had so far, and also the first one we’ve done together with Nuffnang bloggers! Thanks to Chatime Publika for making this cozy #ChurpOut event a great success.

(credits to Felix for the picture)

Churpers who arrived earlier got to queue up for their favorite Chatime drink complimentary of Chatime Publika. Look at all the long queue for Chatime, this is a familiar scene in all Chatime outlets as their drinks are simply irresistible. Besides Chatime, Churpers got to enjoy the delicious food from vendors at Eat Food Village, we saw loads of Churpers feasting on the famous Kin Kin Pan Mee and Lorong Seratus Tahun’s awesome Char Kuey Teow!

(credits to YeongBoon for the picture)

Eat Food Village is indeed a food court like non other because its decoration is very cosy and we were spoilt for choices when it came to fantastic food. We strongly urge you to pay a visit to Eat Food Village and don’t forget to complete your wholesome meal with a cuppa Chatime!

Aside from the scrumptious food from the Eat Food Village, we had a Chatime guessing game that was participated by our sporting Churpers. They each got into a team of 5 and had to guess a total of 8 flavours of Chatime drinks!  There are over 70 flavours of Chatime so we’d say it was a tough game unless, of course, you’re die hard Chatime supporter.

(credits to YeongBoon for the picture)

Here are the passionate Chatime lovers who managed to walk away with our adorable Churpie plushies and the Nuffnang T-Shirts on top of Chatime vouchers for getting the most correct answers in this contest.

(credits to YeongBoon for the picture)

Here’s Richie – Owner of Chatime Publika and our host for the day and the winning team! Churpers  MyCrap, Benjamin, Janet, and Isaac.

(credits to YeongBoon for the picture)

Also the second runner up; Taufulou, Caroline, Clevermunkey, and Merryn.

The top 2 teams were merely 2 correct flavours in difference! We bet they must have been loyal Chatime lovers for getting the most of the drinks correct out of more than 70 types of Chatime flavors! It was a fun day and each Churper walked away with a set of travel sized cutlery from Eat Food Village!

(credits to Qian for the picture)

If you’re visiting Chatime at Publika, do remember to leave your message and check out the Wall of Fame where most of us have left our mark!

That’s not all of the good stuff we walked away with though, Chatime Publika has created an offer EXCLUSIVELY for Churpers only!

Simply tweet your Chatime order including the #ChatimePublika hashtag and @Churp2 to receive the Buy 2 Free 1 offer from Chatime Publika. Offer lasts till Jan 31st, so take this time to taste all the flavors Chatime has to offer.

Lastly, we’d like to thank everyone who kindly made time to #ChurpOut with us, we had so much FUN meeting all you Churpers! If you’re not already active on our community, we welcome you with open arms to the Churp Churp family and to #ChurpOut with us at cool and cosy events like this. Follow our BlogFacebook & Twitter closely because that’s where you can get your exclusive news to our awesome  events and contests!

(credits to Isaac Tan for the picture) 

See ya at our next #ChurpOut! 😉


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