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Merry Christmas a Happy New Year!

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Tis the season for love! We’ve had a wonderful 2011 all thanks to the support and love from YOU guys and we’d like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to you for being with us through 2011.

Merry Christmas from us at Churp Churp! We wish you the best in all you do and bundles of joy and happiness in your life.

How will you be celebrating this season of greetings, Churpers? Christmas is a season beyond exchanging of gifts, it is also a time for us to cherish the friends and family we have so spend some quality time with them this season. Make sure the people you care of know how much you love them, take this time to let go of all ego and show them how much you care.

For us, the Churp Churp team had a few gatherings, one with our brothers and sisters outside of Malaysia and a cosier one with the Malaysian team where we had a pot luck and exchanged gifts. At our regional Christmas celebration, we were surprised to find how big we have grown in this short span of time!

Besides that, our cosy Christmas pot luck was so much fun as well and a great time for us to let loose and enjoy each other’s company outside of the office.  The most thoughtful of gifts were exchanged that night and we all had a blast.

We hope your Christmas time this year is one to remember. If you would like to make a Christmas shout out to anyone or to our community, tweet us by mentioning @Churp2 in any of your Christmas tweet-greetings and we will retweet your tweets!



The Churp Churp Team