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Hello there, 2012!

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With the bursting of fireworks comes a new year, check the date now guys as we’re stepping into a brand new year! We hope you have your new year’s resolutions in place or if you’re not into that kind of stuff, just have a brilliant year ahead. *winks*

The Churp Churp team would like to take this opportunity to wish YOU a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you have a great year ahead and your hopes & dreams fulfilled. 🙂


Let’s cruise down memory lane of 2011 to highlight what we’ve been through last year, shall we Churpers?

of Facelifts & Revamps

The Churp Churp site has undergone 2 major revamps last year, first in August and then in early December. We’ve gone towards a cleaner look as the months past and introduced some awesome new features that got us even more addicted to the site. Besides sharing awesome brand messages, you can now share your stories from all over the internet at our ‘Read our Story’ section and discover awesome stories there too!

Our features updates are always inspired by the way you use our site and we evolve to suit your needs and to enhance your Churping experience. We welcome your feedback of our website at our helpdesk to help us improve continuously so do drop us a note at (http://help.ChurpChurp.com) should you have a suggestion.


of Contests & Giveaways

2011 was a treat for those who actively participated in all our contests. We had all sorts of contests, from winning latest gadgets to gaining exclusive invites to parties and winning unexpected gifts you’ll love. We had 15 of these contests going on and gave out prizes totalling up to RM30,000 last year! That’s more than a contest happening each month so do check out our site for more of these contests!

Some notable ones were our Churp Churp Great Race where we gave away goodies like the  iPad 2 & Canon DSLR EOS 550 D and the Churp Churp Christmas giveaway recently where winners walked away with a variety of gifts including Famous Amos hampers, iPod Shuffle, Taboo Game Sets and an iPhone 4S!!


of Events & Parties

We had our second Churp Churp event this year in April where a bunch of us went for a healthy badminton session. Since then, we’ve decided to organize more events and parties for you. The #ChurpOut sessions are medium sized gatherings that we first introduced in July and have since had 2 more because it was so much fun!

Does Mark’s Place, Mek-T & Chatime Publika ring a bell? We’re always on the look out for cool hang out spots to hold our #ChurpOut sessions, so do suggest to us if you have any!

Besides the #ChurpOut sessions, we partied with Taio Cruz and other local celebrities at Arthur’s Day, went to the Green Room, found out Where the Party was, partied at MTV World Stage 2011 and so much more!


of Movements & Giving Back

While we had plenty of events and activities going on in the community, this year we have participated actively in social causes and movements that we hold closely to our hearts.

We were social media partners for campaigns like the Women:100 and thextramilerun. Amongst all partnership with organizations, TLC Rumah Aman campaign was the most notable one last year. We sold hundreds of Churpie Plushies and gathered donations from the community, totalling up to RM7,000 in a month!


We were also a proud partner in the record breaking largest gathering of twitterers in October Tweet Fest! There were over 2,000 twitter addicts present at the event, check out this video by gregsvideo.com on it!


of Popcorn Munching Moments

Exclusive premier screenings are what we have been actively doing from April. We had 19 screenings in 2011 and gave away more than 1,750 movie tickets!

We hoped you have joined us for at least one of the premiers we had last year. There will be more coming up this year so stay tuned for it.

That’s all from us right now, we hope you enjoyed our little cruise back in 2011. 2012 is going to be a great year and we just can’t wait to get it started!  Happy New Year, Churpers!