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Visiting elephants, BRB

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To our beloved Churpers,

We’re really sorry to have to say this but it seems that we’ll be gone soon.

Wait, what were you thinking? No, we’re not depressed. Quite the contrary. In fact, we’re super happy! After a year of working hard, all of us Churpies and Nuffies are taking a well-deserved break from our regular schedule. Yes, it’s the eagerly awaited annual company trip!

And thanks to our bosses Tim and Ming (woohooo!), we’ll be heading up to… the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, Thailand from 10-13 January 2012! 😀

Along with the Singapore Churpies and Nuffies, we’ll be experiencing the beauty of Chiang Mai, with its culturally significant architecture. We can’t imagine a better place to have a bonding and team building session with our fellow Churpies. Did we also mention that Chiang Mai is also well known for its elephants? We have no idea yet what’s in store, but we hope that elephant riding will be part of the itinerary. *TRUMPETS!*

Don’t worry though, our office will still be open all this week, so feel free to drop by if you need to be collecting anything from us. =)

We’ll miss you guys, see you soon when we get back! Have a great week ahead Churpers!