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Happy Chinese New Year!

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The Year of the Rabbit is ending very soon, and Churpie is getting really excited about ushering in the Year of the Dragon this Chinese New Year! In fact, Churpie’s so excited about Chinese New Year that it dressed up as its idol Bruce Lee (yes, Churpie is feisty like that!) to celebrate:

Awwww. Churpie looks absolutely dashing in red!

Chinese New Year is the time for everyone to return to their nests… er, homes and reunite with their loved ones! Do remember to spend some time with your loved ones this time of the year, be it indulging in festive cookies and delicacies, playing games, cracking jokes, or simply catching up with each other. For those of you who are driving back home, drive safe and have short breaks in between your journey if you’re tired!

Before the year of Dragon comes roaring in, Churpie and all of us at Churp Churp would like to wish every one of you Churpers a very prosperous and auspicious Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays.

Got a Chinese New Year greeting to Churpers out there? Tweet to us (@Churp2) your greetings and we will retweet it to share the love with Churpers this Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!