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Churp Churp Exclusive Screening – Street Dance 2 (3D)

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Are you a dancer? Do you enjoy moving your body to the music beats and rhythm? Or you’re amused by just watch the b-boy dancing and wished you could be as cool as they are? Even if you’re not, we bet it’s inspiring to look at how some people could stay strong to their passion and work hard to chase their dream.

If you nodded to any of the statements above, the next Churp Churp Exclusive Movie Screening is just the right thing for you! We present you Street Dance 2; with shots taken from different parts of Europe such as Rome, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Ibiza, and London, be ready to be fascinated by the blend of gorgeous sceneries and fusion of dances in the second sequel of Street Dance.

Synopsis: To beat the world’s best dance crew, streetdancer Ash (Falk Hentshel), with new friend Eddie (George Sampson), set off to gather the greatest streetdancers from around Europe, falling in love with beautiful salsa dancer Eva (Sofia Boutella) in Paris.

With landmark locations, the most spectacular dance fusion of Latin and Street ever seen, the sequel to global smash hit StreetDance is bigger, better, bolder and back ..in 3D!

What are dances if you couldn’t see the moves yourself? Be ready to awe yourself with the trailer below:

Stand a chance to be one of 60 lucky Churpers to win a pair of tickets to this exclusive screening and be among the first to catch Street Dance 2 prior to its official release on the big screen, all thanks to Nusantara Edaran Filem! (: Details of the screening are as below:

Churp Churp Exclusive Screening – Street Dance 2

Date     : April 3rd, 2012 (Tuesday)

Venue   : Cathay Cineplex e@Curve

Time     : 9.30PM

The Contest

To join the Churp Churp Exclusive Screening of Street Dance 2,  share with us for the following question by commenting on this Facebook Event Page:

“What’s your favourite types of dance? Why?”

Sample answer:

Not just the screening of Street Dance 2, Churpers! Any of you who’re up for a challenge for a dance competition? Check out the Street Dance 2 – Xbox Dance Competition now because they have a lot more prizes for grab! (:


Do look through our Terms & Conditions before participating and all the best!

Terms and conditions:

1)      This movie screening is open to existing Churp Churp users in Malaysia who’ve authorized their Facebook account with Churp Churp to take part.

2)      To participate, Churpers are required to comment on our Facebook Event Page with the stated conditions. Only complete contest entries are accepted and eligible for participation.

3)      Protected Facebook profiles with updates that not traceable by Churp Churp will not be accepted as participation to the contest.

4)      Invites will be sent out via emails to winners by March 28th 2012 (Wednesday) and will require confirmation of attendance through email by March 30th 2012 (Friday). Winners who fail to confirm their attendance by the deadline will have their invites revoked and passed to winners who didn’t make the initial cut.

5)      Judges’ decisions are final and not disputable.

6)      Churp Churp reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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