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Churp Churp Alpha – Natalie Kniese

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Hey Churpers! Churp Churp would like feature our Alphas here so you Churpers would know better about these big birds in our community!

This time around, we would like to introduce one of our Alphas; she’s an established radio announcer from a top English radio station in Malaysia. If you’re an avid radio listener, you might recognize her voice and bubbly personality right away. Allow us to introduce the feisty and fun-loving Natalie Kniese! (: Here’s a little heads up about Natalie to break the ice!

Your twitter handle, what does it mean?
It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just my middle name & a very difficult to pronounce surname.

What do you tweet/ update your Facebook about most?
Mostly, things to do with work. I work with Hitz.fm, so there’s always something exciting going on.

Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook has it’s own features & Twitter has a condensed version of these. I use Facebook for personal reasons – to keep in touch with friends (from school, before radio etc). I set up a Twitter account mainly for work. So both of these have different uses for me.

Why should people follow you
To be honest, I really don’t know. I’m not too fussed over how many followers I get. There’s no point having a million followers who don’t care what you tweet about. I’d rather have 10 who interact with me with every update I post.

Why do you think people follow you?
That I think is probably because of what I do for a living. If I wasn’t in Radio, I don’t think I’d have a Twitter account LOL.

What do you do during the weekends?
I find it a complete waste to sit at home all weekend. So, I try to do everything! From short day-trips to karaoke sessions. Every weekend is different & I love that!

Sum up yourself in 140 characters.
I really don’t know how to do that. But if I could sum myself up in a noise? It would probably be: ‘Yeaaahaawoohoo-laadeedaa’ or something like that…

I bought 2 turtles for my apartment: Raphael & Sharifah. Apparently, it’s good Feng Shui (I’m willing to try anything). Raphael ate all of Sharifah’s food & Sharifah passed away. I then got Yusuf from my best friend. Now it’s Raphael & Yusuf plus separate feeding times.

Who are you following on Twitter/ Facebook?
Musicians, actors, actresses, hosts, comedians, atheletes, my friends & some people who asked me to follow them.

Suggest us a must follow twitter account and facebook page, either than yourself of course.
There’s so many to choose from, so I’ll go with the one I hold dearest to my heart: twitter.com/hitzdotfm & fb.hitz.fm

When did you get on Facebook? What about Twitter?
I think I was on Facebook ages ago. Probably in 2005? And Twitter? I set up that account in 2008 if I’m not mistaken.

What do you do on Facebook?
My personal Facebook helps me keep in touch with my friends & my work Facebook is linked to my Twitter account… It’s the normal updates about work & photos.

Favourite food?
I like food in general… Today? I want duck rice.

Favourite color?
I like different colours for different purposes. I like red, but I probably wouldn’t use it for everything.

Anything & everything except for songs that have incoherent lyrics or strange melodies like Death Metal or Drum & Bass.

What do you do during your free time?
I only have free time during the weekends, so I answered this question earlier!

How do you surf FB & tweet most?
To surf – it’s on my laptop. Facebook & tweets are mostly from my iPhone.

Can you tell us abit about your first love?
My mom always used to tell people this story. There was a boy in kindergarten who would kiss me good morning everyday. I don’t know whether I ‘loved’ him because I can’t remember anything about it! But, I probably did since I allowed him to do it continously…

If you were a twitter hashtag, what would it be?
#NatalieSoAwesome LOL no, I’m kidding. I don’t know… I think that needs to be created by someone else. I would never hashtag myself!

If you had a song, what would the title of the song be?
I really am stumped by this… Probably my name? Although, if there was a song I wish was written about me, it would have to be ‘Daughters’ by John Mayer.

If Churpie could speak, what questions would you ask Churpie?
I’d probably ask him what he did wrong… He looks like he’s hiding something!

How does it feel like being a Churp Churp Alpha?
It’s such an honour… Thank you very much!

Is there anything you would like to shout out to your fans and members of the Churp Churp community?
Thank you for supporting me throughout my career & with hope, the support continues for as long as I remain in the industry!

Wanna know more about Natalie? Do remember to follow her Twitter at @NatalieKniese and like her Facebook page for more awesome things she does! (:

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