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Churp Churp Alpha – Adam C

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In this week’s feature, Churp Churp brings you a male icon that has been in the broadcasting and entertainment industry for years! He’s an established television host, living his passion in bringing us live updates on international football leagues. He was also a famous radio announcer in Malaysia. He is a busy man who travels all over the world for his shoots and shows but somehow managed to allocate some of his precious time with us here, in Churp Churp.

Without any need of further introduction, we present you Adam C! Adam Carruthers is down-to-earth, friendly and very knowledgeable! Let’s get to know him better in this exclusive interview session that we had with the man himself.

How did you start your career as a TV Personality?
I was 18 and on my gap year before I started uni. I spent my time working in a club, handling media relations and suddenly was urged to go for a casting with a newly formed TV station called “8tv”. I went in, 2 hours early because I was afraid of getting lost, and got interviewed/shot with my producer/future co-hosts Marion and Rina. They called me back the same day and that was that!

What are your other passions aside hosting?
Football! I spend most of time watching even though in Malaysia it can be at really terrible hours. I also love video games (mainly console games), comics/toys, technology, movies and tv shows.

I’m your biggest fan, what can I do to get your attention?
Wear a Spurs jersey! Or goalkeeping gloves (I play as a goalkeeper) or even a comic book t-shirt! Like Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory”.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
Probably what I’m doing now. Growing up in England, I was obsessed with football and used it watch it all the time. For me to be working as a football TV host, holding discussions, hosting live games and even being sent to Wembley is a dream comes true.

What do you love doing aside from being in the entertainment industry?
In school I loved to act! Maybe again one day. Also, playing futsal and football, reading my comics, playing video games and sleeping. I do love to sleep.

Favourite type of Music?
I’m a weirdo, I’ll listen to anything. If you drove past a car with “The A-Team” theme song blasting, that was me. Literally, I’ll listen to anything. I think I’m drawn to the drum beat of the song more than anything.

What’s your favourite outdoor sport and why do you love it?
I do love most sports but hands-down its football. I’ve been able to turn a passion into a job at Astro Supersport. I went to boarding school in England when I was 8 years old, liking football before that and loving football after that. To this day, I still playing in 6-aside tournaments, futsal sessions and field football too.

Do you have pets?
Sadly no, although I do love animals!

What are your favourite foods?
In recent years, I’ve become more adventurous and learnt I take spicy food better than I thought! Banana leaf always rocks but I do keep going back to pasta….

What is your idea of a perfect getaway?
Hmm, I go through phases but right now, discovering a new city. I’ve also never been to America and would love to take a month travelling across!

Any interesting hobbies you’d like to share with us?
Apart from football, video games, comics, movies and tv shows, I’ve started collecting toys! There is this brand called “Hot Toys” who make amazing pieces so I try to look out for them. Even bought a glass cabinet at Ikea to house it all : D

Care to tell us a bit about a current crush if you have one now?
Nobody but my girlfriend : D

What kind of character of the opposite sex that you find appealing?
Somebody interesting, fun and likes to do things on the spur of the moment. oh, and can put up with my weird sense of humour, understand the basics of comics and is willing to have a go on my gaming console and of course, liking football!

What is the best pick-up line that you’ve ever received?
Never, that I’ve been aware of, received one!

What about the cheesiest pick-up line that you’ve ever received?
Ditto from the previous question : D

If you could wish for anything from a Genie, what would it be?
to be the world’s greatest footballer, bar none.

If you’re not using @Adamcarruthers, what would your Twitter handle be? 

@adamc although i suspect that is already taken…let me check. ah yes, it is.

If you were a twitter hash-tag, what would it be?

Name us a personality that you are following on Twitter/ Facebook?
Hmm, the older brother from Malcom in the middle has tweeted me a few times. Oh and a really funny actor called Paul Scheer on Facebook (google him) replies my wall posts on facebook. Rio ferdinand tweeted me once too! So those are some of the ones I’m following.

Suggest us a must follow Twitter account and Facebook page, either than yourself of course.
Paul Scheer on facebook cause not many people follow him and he is funny. Samir Carruthers on twitter. Nope, not related but he is an upcoming star for Aston Villa who has a cool surname.

When did you get on Facebook? What about Twitter?
according to facebook, I joined on January 17th 2007. As for twitter, December 31st 2008. I got on both quite early.

What do you usually look out for, on Facebook?
When I first started, there were hardly any Malaysians on it, it was to stay in contact with my friends from the UK. Nowadays, its to have a laugh with friends, face-jack friends and keep up to date, on some level, with news and events.

What do you tweet/ update your Facebook about most?
I’m gonna say football but I tend to tweet about random things I do.

Why do you think people follow you?
They feel sorry for me because I support Spurs.

If Churpie could speak, what questions would you ask Churpie?
Are you churpy in the mornings? If so, whats your secret? Mine is coffee but people tell me not to drink too much.

How does it feel like being a Churp Churp Alpha?
Its an honour and pleasure! I’ve got some good friends who are also “Alphas” too and it gives me a chance to meet new people in the process.

Is there anything you would like to shout out to your fans and members of the Churp Churp community?
Sorry I can’t meet each one of you individually, but looking forward to knowing you better, at least on Twitter or Facebook. Nothing better than making new friends and Churp Churp allows us all to do it! Also, if you don’t support a club, give Spurs a try.

Sum up yourself in 140 characters.

Tell us a motto that you live by.
“Promptus et fidelis” which means “Ready and faithful” in Latin. It’s my family motto.
Arduus ad Solem- Latin for “Striving Towards The Sun” and motto for my first school.

Wanna know more about this charming lad? Stick to his Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates on football and of course, all about himself!

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