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DIY your own Jazz showcase with Strongbow

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Does the sound of Jazz to your ears get your feet tapping?

If you nodded your head and can’t resist the soothing tunes from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole & Nina Simone…we have some news for you not to be missed. The premium dry cider we all love – Strongbow, will be hosting one of the most exquisite of Jazz events this year. Yes, we are talking about one of the biggest Jazz events yet – Borneo Jazz 2012 brought to you by Strongbow!

Borneo Jazz 2012 – Get treated to a night of music for the soul in exotic Borneo, what a blissful experience that must be! Unleash your love for Jazz with the artists all over the world from South-East Asia to Europe and America by trying your hand in creating a world class (well, almost) Jazz album, produced by yourself. Head on over to Strongbow Malaysia’s Facebook Page for some of that fun! Show us how passionate you are to jazz music through a cool video showcase of your photos and share it with your friends!

Let Churpie Churp show you how this is done (add Churpie on Facebook if you haven’t already!)

1.) Login to your Facebook account and like Strongbow Malaysia Facebook Page.

2.) Click on the Strongbow Borneo Jazz application (as indicated with red box in the picture below).


3.) Hit “Jazz Me Up” get started with creating your Jazz record!


4.) First, think of a jazzy stage name and album title!


5.) Answer a few simple questions in a personality test so Strongbow knows which jazz instrument suits you best.


6.) You will then have your answer of the Jazz instrument that best suits you! Looks like Churpie’s Jazz is best paired with a Jazz Guitar!


7.) Next is our favourite part! Select a series of pictures to be included in your jazzy video showcase! Churpie picked his best shots for this.


8.) And…that’s it! Anticipate the premier of your jazzy video showcase right before your eyes!


Go ahead and show it off your friends on Facebook just as we are about to with Churpie’s video ……. make sure you catch Churpie’s jazzy video showcase here and share with us your showcase!

For more information on Borneo Jazz 2012 and to stay tuned for its highlights, the best place to look is Strongbow’s Facebook page. You’re welcome, Churpers.