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For the love of Instagram

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Instagram is no doubt one of the most well-known and well-loved mobile apps around; after all, over 30 million registered users can’t be wrong. Since it was founded 18 months ago, over 1 billion photos have been uploaded by its users. Of course, Churpie is a proud contributor to that colossal number and we’re sure many of you are too!

Have you ever wished that you could bring the Instagram experience to your desktop, and enjoy viewing gorgeous photos on a much bigger screen? Instagram web viewers will let you do just that! There are quite a number of Instagram web viewers available now, and we’ll introduce you to a few of the popular ones:

1. Pinstagram 

Pinstagram is exactly what it sounds like – a cross between Instagram and the online pin-board, Pinterest! If you’re a fan of Pinterest, you’ll love this as it lays out your Instagram feed in an manner almost identical to how Pinterest displays pins from people you follow. Not only can you like and comment on Instagram pictures you see, you can even pin your favourite Instagram pictures!

2. Webstagram

Webstagram is one of the most feature-packed web viewers we’ve seen – this one’s for the power users! Not only can you like and comment on photos in your feed, you have the option to view it in three different sizes or on Instagram web, and you can also share pictures you love on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, G+ and Pinterest. You can also view popular photos, photos you’ve posted and liked, just like the Instagram app and much more!


3. Statigram 

Statigram is one of Churpie’s personal favourites! Aside from its web viewing functions, Statigram also offers comprehensive statistics about your Instagram account. If you’ve ever wondered which photos are your most liked, which filters you use the most, how many followers you’ve gained recently, Statigram has all the answers. Here are some of our statistics! Nifty, right?


These web viewers are only a few of the many web viewers there are out there. Have a look at these links and check out all the web viewers listed, and see which one is your favourite!





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