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ChurpChurp Alpha – Dennis Yin

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Accomplished talented Alpha, who is very well known as one of the amazing members of Elecoldxhot crew, graces our weekly interview feature with his story on how he started his journey as a performer.

Energetic, macho and humorous Alpha Dennis Yin melts the heart of many with his natural talent whilst carving a prominent name in both local and international performing arts scenes. Dennis has gone a long way in not only establishing himself in dance competitions, but also as an actor in impactful viral videos circulating Malaysia. Talk about being an all-rounder!

What inspired you start dancing professionally and on a competitive level?
I started dancing when I watched 2 boys in my high school rapping and dancing at the same time. I was blown away. I started taking dance more seriously when I was 18 (2007), when I joined So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia Season 1 at the beginning of 2007. After that, it was dancing all the way for me. I joined competitions after competitions.

How did you learn the dance skills and to be diverse in choreographing dance moves?
I would say from the start, it was inspired by watching DVDs, MTVs, and by learning and watching from peers and seniors who I danced with. I never had the opportunity to take proper dance classes from a studio, so I had to find whatever way I could to learn. I remember asking friends who took dance classes to teach me what they learned in their classes, and share all the experience with me. I was curious and excited at the same time. I would watch Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Rain’s MTVs, over, and over, and over again.
As for choreography, for the most parts, it was inspired by a lot of things. Anything I see, even just how a tree would move being blown by wind, all these simple things, could inspire, not just by seeing other people dance. I took master classes, workshops and dance classes whenever I could, to improve on my technique and to train myself mentally and physically.

We understand that you’re also active in producing Vlogs. Tell us where do you see yourself 5 years from now in the film-making industry.
In 5 years’ time, I hope I’ve appeared in countless YouTube videos with Youtubers from Malaysia, and perhaps act in movies and some other projects too. I love acting, it’s fun and challenging!

I’m your biggest fan, what can I do to get your attention?
I have no idea. Definitely buying me gifts because I don’t get that a lot. Just kidding!

What is your biggest accomplishment?
I treasure and appreciate every single competition, workshop, dance classes, meeting new people, dancers, and everything in between. It is all part of me growing up as a person, and growing to be a better me in the present and the future would be my biggest accomplishment.

What do you love doing aside from dancing and vlogging?
Aside from Dancing and vlogging, I love to play sports. I do all kinds of sports.
But honestly, I’m dancing so much I hardly have time to do anything else. I love dancing, and I feel lucky to be dance as a career, hobby, and passion. If I’m not dancing for a career, I would probably be an air steward. I heard it’s tough to be one but I love to travel to different countries, for the cultures, architectures and people.

Has any of your dreams come true yet?
Meeting, dancing, and taking classes by many amazing dancers from around the world are my dreams. Dancing with a K-Pop artist wasn’t even a dream of mine, but it happened and I’m still shocked until today. Oh, I also wish to dance in the USA hopefully this year.

What is your idea of a perfect getaway?
Anywhere with family or friends is a perfect getaway. I love to go 2 places, either a beach, or a cold country. It because Malaysia is so hot I want something different for a change. Some place colder would make me happy, or beautiful, like going to a beach would be ah-mehhh-zziiinnnggg 😉 (I’m dreaming of beaches as I’m typing this out)

What kind of criteria are you looking in the opposite sex?
Funny, friendly, appreciate and supports me at what I do, laugh at my lame jokes, be weird with me (at times), be a kid with me, but for most parts, love me for being myself.

What is the best compliment that you’ve ever received from a fan?
To start off, I don’t take compliments well. I’m very harsh on myself to be honest. When fans and supporters compliment me, I appreciate and I’m always very honoured and blessed that people actually appreciate what I do.
All their compliments are the best to me. It fuels me to do better and improve and be a better me.

If you could wish for anything from a Genie, what would it be?
If I could wish for anything, I’d wish for Doraemon!! He would then be able to fulfill a lot of my dreams, like flying, and traveling to different places!

If you’re not using @dennisyin, what would your Twitter handle be?
I’d still be using @dennisyin. Maybe @dennisdance or @dancerdennis

If you were a twitter hash-tag, what would it be?
It would probably be #dennisyin #dennisdance #yinners #realry?! Or #dennisyinissocoolthathecanbehastaggedanywayyouplease.

Suggest us a must follow on Twitter account and YouTube, either than yourself of course.
Well, definitely follow ALL my friends who are on twitter and Youtube.
JinnyBoyTV, DanKhooProductions, Germaniproductions, Shawnleebeatbox and many others! Malaysia Boleh!!!

What do you usually look out for, on YouTube?
I search a lot of dance. And watch my favourite youtubers such as Nigahiga, Kevjumba, JustKiddingFilms, Timothydelaghetto, Wongfuproductions, and some rando m clips =)

Why do you think people follow you?
Because I’m COOL! Just kidding! I think people are following me to know my updates. I’m just a normal guy, and people actually follow me, that’s pretty cool. Thank you!

If Churpie could speak, what questions would you ask Churpie?
Can you give me a pair of wings so I could fly?

How does it feel like being a ChurpChurp Alpha?
It’s awesome, and very humbling at the same time. Being the smallest “ciku” of the list, I’m honoured to be a ChurpChurp Alpha. It’s like being on Hall of Fame for something.

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