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A Breath of Fresh Air from the Comfort of Your Home

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Who else is stressed out with the hazy weather lately? But since we’re indoors, then the air is clean right? Not necessarily. Dust, virus, bacteria, mold, and even odour; they all manage to come in even with the windows closed! Now how can we solve that?

Worry not! Plasmacluster Technology is Sharp’s proprietary (original) air-disinfecting technology that inactivates suspended airborne contaminants invisible to the naked eye. In fact, Plasmacluster is the only technology that uses positive and negative ions to disinfect the air.

We know that cleaning our hand and our environment helps protect us against the spread of germ and other contaminants. But perhaps we should put some effort into cleaning the air we breathe too?

Check out the all new Sharp Air Purifier FUA28E!

 Good news is, all thanks to Sharp Plasmacluster Malaysia,5 Churpers will enjoy a breathe of fresh air as each of them will bring home one of these awesome Sharp Air Purifier!

[Sorry, the contest has ended.]