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#ChurpOut2012 – A Recap

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It was a #ChurpOut of epic proportions that went down on Saturday, 13 October 2012 at Publika! Over 3,000 Churpers and members of the public turned up for a day of fun at #ChurpOut2012, the street fair with a cause which we told you about earlier. In case you missed it, here’s how it all went down!

Meet Linora, our chirpy host for the day!

Crowds started flocking in as early as 10.30 am, all headed for the #Marketplace at Publika Boulevard where they had the opportunity to raid the wardrobes of their favourite online fashion icons.

The numerous booths run by Audrey, Cheesie, KinkyBlueFairy, Hanis Zalikha, Ming, Tey Cindy, Jezmine Blossom, Maria Elena, Jane Chuck, Fashion Valet and SF by Sazzy Falak all enjoyed brisk business as shoppers gushed over the clothes up for sale.

Delectable by Su whipped up these super awesome cakes and cookies for sale too! Can you spot the cute ChurpChurp cookies? We just couldn’t resist them!

The #Inspiration zone at Publika Boulevard was also where DJ Fuzz gave curious bystanders a taste of what it’s like to be a DJ, and where everyone could learn more about causes to support from our NGO partners like Do Something Good, Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC), WWF-Malaysia (World Wide Fund for Nature-Malaysia), and MERCY Malaysia.

Many Churpers were intrigued by Durex Malaysia’s “Rap Against STD” project, and contributed by enthusiastically rapping their own message to spread awareness about STDs to the public!

A short Q&A session was also held outside, where Linora quizzed several people about their STD knowledge, and they’d get a goodie bag from Durex if they got the questions right! How much do you know about STDs and their preventions?

Comic bloggers Akiraceo and Cheeching were busy entertaining the crowd with their caricatures drawn on the newly-launched Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at the Celcom Experience Centre. There was never a shortage of people waiting to have their caricatures drawn by the talented artists!

Outside at Publika Square, the overcast skies didn’t stop enthusiastic Churpers and friends from enjoying themselves with the carnival games at the #Fun Circuit. The rodeo bull, high striker, ring toss, electric maze and zig zag wheel were all crowd favourites!

After playing all the games, Churpers could collect stamps where they could redeem for some cool gifts at this redemption booth.

SPCA Selangor brought along a few furry friends, which the crowd absolutely doted on!

The crowd was also in for a treat at the BCard booth, where they could learn about the lifestyle loyalty programme, and also play a cool dart game to win prizes.

Check out this cool booklet of vouchers Churpers got when they signed up for a BCard! There were tons of deals from BCard merchants worth RM 1,000 in total inside, and you’d find deals such as discounts on Starbucks and Chatime drinks, discounts on hotel stays, travel deals and more.

The highlight of the #Fun Circuit area though, was undoubtedly the Whatchuwant Dunk N’ Draw game by Xpax, where everyone could get a turn at getting dunked for the chance to win cool prizes worth RM 10,000, just by tweeting at @xpaxsays with #Whatchuwant & #ChurpOut2012!

Among those who got drenched for a shot at the grand prizes included our ChurpChurp Alphas DJ Fuzz, Aida Sue, Natalie Kniese, Jeremy Teo, Joseph Germani, Beautifulnara and Andrew Xander!

It was all great fun, but the lucky people who ended up with the grand prizes are as below. Congratulations to all of them!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7”, Samsung Galaxy S3 & Nikon Coolpix Waterproof AW100 – Foo Pau Suen
Pioneer Blu – ray Front Surround System – Mohd. Noor Izwan
Samsung 40″ Smart Full HD LED TV – Kieran Idris

Those weren’t the only prizes up for grabs at the Xpax booth – 15 Churpers also showed off their artistic skills at pimping up some model cars in the Whatchuwant Pimp My Ride contest!

The prize? A Samsung Galaxy S3, which was eventually won by Daniel Chiam! Check out his super cool design!

The #Stage, of course, was also one of the main draws at #ChurpOut2012! Cheering crowds were seen at the all-day performances, which started at 1.00 pm with choral speaking from the kids of Fugee School.

Cheer Aces got the crowd on their feet with their energetic routines, and so did the Eco Drum Circle with their amazingly catchy rhythms played out on everyday recycled items!

Some of the more unique performances included a set by the Malaysian Ukulele Group, and also the Butoh dance by Kaki Seni – wouldn’t this guy catch your eye?

Chinese rock band ManHanD and Canto-hip hop band dayDream took it up a notch on stage with their performances, which had the crowd roaring for encores.

Project Elementz kicked up the energy further with slickly choreographed routines that got the crowd wanting more!

The #Stage was also where we showcased hidden gems in the form of local bands & Youtube artistes. The crowds were duly impressed with the performances by Lim Sher Lin, Halfpastsix, Skyward and Silence Speaks!

Speaking of Youtube – Malaysia’s favourite Youtubers all came together for a Youtubers’ Challenge in the evening, where fans got to see them in person and watch as they improvised on a hilarious skit! Spot Reuben from JinnyBoyTV, Joseph Germani, Dan Khoo Productions, The Ming Thing, BryanLimTV, and GrimFilm!

When night fell, Daphne Iking took over the decks with a string of 90’s hits while Fashion Valet and the Amber Chia Academy put on a fashion show, with hair by Hairkunst and makeup by Kate. Rockin’ those outfits, girls!

#ChurpOut2012 finally came to a close at 9.00 pm with DJ Fuzz letting loose with a speaker-cracking set, a fitting end for an awesome day indeed.

We’d like to thank every single one of you who came out that day to join us at #ChurpOut2012 – we had such a great time seeing all of you there!

We’d love to hear your feedback about #ChurpOut2012! See those cool ‘Keep Calm and Churp’ T-shirts our Churpies are wearing in the picture above? We’ll be giving away 10 of those T-shirts, and all you have to do to get one of them is to comment on this blog post with your feedback on #ChurpOut2012. What should we do next for #ChurpOut2013? Are you looking forward to the next #ChurpOut? What did you enjoy the most about #ChurpOut2012? Tell us all about it!

For more awesome pictures of the event, check out this album on our Facebook page. Happy Churping, and see you at the next #ChurpOut!

ChurpOut was ignited by Xpax, and supported by Bcard & Durex. Noticed all the cool stuff in your goodie bags? We’ve got our other partners to thank for that:
Fashion Valet
Boost Juice

Special thanks also goes out to our performers and vendors:
DJ Fuzz
Daphne Iking
Project Elementz
Joseph Germani
DanKhoo Productions
The Ming Thing
Malaysian Ukulele Group
Lim Sher Lin
Silence Speaks
Eco Drum Circle
Kaki Seni
Cheer Aces

SF by Sazzy Falak
Delectable by Su
Hanis Zalikha
Joyce Wong a.k.a. KinkyBlueFairy
Audrey a.k.a. Fourfeetnine
Ringo a.k.a. Cheesie
Jane Chuck
Jezmine Blossom
Ming a.k.a. The Childlike Empress
Tey Cindy
Maria Elena

Beat Kitchen
Amber Chia Academy
Do Something Good
Miao & WafuPafu
Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC)
Mercy Malaysia
Pride Foundation
Fugee School