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#Churpremiere – Parental Guidance

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This New Year, it’s a battle of the ages. When you were kids, have you ever fret when your folks decide to call in the grandparents? To usher the New Year, ChurpChurp presents to you #Churpremiere – Parental Guidance. Here come the grandparents, there go the rules!

Synopsis: Parental Guidance follows the story of old school grandfather Artie (Billy Crystal), who is accustomed to calling the shots and who meets his match when he and his eager-to-please wife Diane agree to babysit their 3 grandkids when their type-A helicopter parents go away for work. But when 21st century problems collide with Artie and Diane’s old school methods of tough rules, lots of love and old-fashioned games, it’s learning to bend – and not holding your ground – that binds a family together.

In one scene, grandpa Artie asked the boys if they were still single to which the boys answered with a forced laughter. This sure brings back memories to the times we had to fake a laugh to a bad joke!

Watch the trailer below to catch glimpses of the movie and how Artie handled the kids, his way!

We are giving out 40 pairs of tickets to this fun-filled family comedy before its official release in the Malaysian cinemas. Thank you 20th Century Fox Malaysia for this awesome movie! Details are as follows:

#Churpremiere – Parental Guidance

Date: January 2nd, 2013 (Wednesday)

Time: 9:30PM

Venue: Cathay Cineplex e@Curve


To win passes to #Churpremiere – Parental Guidance, just answer the question below on our Facebook Event Page:

“What pranks will you pull on grandpa Artie if you are one of the kids?”

40 Churpers with the most interesting answers will each win a pair of passes (2 tickets) to this screening so hurry up!

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