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#Churpremiere – Journey To The West

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Calling all Stephen Chow fans – Stephen Chow is finally back after a 4-year hiatus with a new movie, with him in the director’s chair! His previous movies all had us laughing our hearts out, so we can definitely anticipate a funny twist on this classical tale. With this, ChurpChurp presents #Churpremiere – Journey to the West!

Synopsis: Stephen Chow’s remake of the classical ‘Journey to the West’ follows the misadventures of a Buddhist monk as he travels the ‘Western Regions’ during the Tang dynasty to obtain the sacred texts with his three disciples – namely Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing.

The multi-talented Taiwanese singer/actor, Show Luo will be playing the role as a ‘weak gentleman’ alongside Shu Qi and Wen Zhang. With Chow-styled humor and a romantic subplot added in this movie, audiences are in for a good laugh from the beginning until the end.

Watch the trailer below to catch a glimpse of how they make their way to the west, and how they handle all the ordeals awaiting them.

We are giving out 40 pairs of tickets to this comedic #Churpremiere before its official release in Malaysian cinemas. Thank you 20th Century Fox Malaysia for this movie for Stephen Chow’s fans! Details are as below:

#Churpremiere – Journey To The West

Date: Febuary 5th, 2013 (Tuesday)

Time: 9:00PM

Venue: GSC Tropicana City Mall



To win 2 passes to #Churpremiere – Journey To The West, just answer the question below on our Facebook Event Page:

“If you were given a chance to fight with the Monkey King, what monster would you be and why?”

The 50 Churpers with the best answer will each win a pair of passes (2 Tickets) to this #Churpremiere so hurry up!

Don’t forget to fill in the submission form as follows to be eligible for the contest.

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