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Ushering In The Year of the Snake with #CNYChurpOut

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The 15 days of Chinese New Year celebrations may be over, but we’re glad that we got to spend one of those days with you guys at the #CNYChurpout that happened last Friday, 22 February 2013 at Vault Wine Bistro! What a way to start the new lunar year – with good food, great company, and an abundance of red wine! Here’s a recap of the night’s festivities, in case you missed it. 

After registration, Churpers headed down to the calligraphy booth where they wrote down their wishes and greetings for the new year using a very traditional method – the Chinese ink and brush!

Check out one of our Alphas, MrBrianSee making his mark on the calligraphy board!

There was also a cool photowall with props where Churpers could go crazy and get Polaroid pictures taken that night!

At 8pm, the night officially kicked off with a loud “YUM SENG” and an ice-breaking game to get everybody acquainted.

After a short ice-breaker, the good people at Vault unveiled the most epic yee sang we’d ever seen! As yee sang symbolizes prosperity and abundance, we tossed the yee sang as high as possible with shouts of ‘Lou hei!’ for a great year ahead.

After the lou sang session, it was time to carry on with the fun and games.  Just how low do you think our Churpers can go? Check out some of the highlights during our Limbo Rock session!

Winners got to walk away with a super cute Churpie plushie!

After several lively games, dinner was served. Laughter was heard all throughout as our chirpy Churpers bonded over good food and wine.

#CNYChurpout ended around 11pm after everyone had had their fill. It was time to say goodbye, but not without taking a group picture first!

Here’s one with the ChurpChurp team and Vault’s owner, Che Seng!

Before we go, we would like to thank Vault Wine Bistro for the amazing venue and a great dinner. A big thank you too, to our Alphas for joining in the party and of course all you wonderful Churpers who made our first ever #CNYChurpOut absolutely sssssssmashing! Here’s to a great year ahead, everybody huat ah!

For more awesome pictures of the event, check out this album on our Facebook page.  Happy Churping, and see you at the next #ChurpOut!