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April Fools’ Day, the ChurpChurp Way

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So April Fools’ has come and gone; were you the victim of a few pranks, or were you the almighty prankster? As for us Churpies… well, let’s just say we made our office an even more “interesting” environment than it normally is.

Let us present our “Prank List”, which we hope grows longer when it’s time for next year’s surprise!

1. Let’s Get This Party Started

What’s more boring, dull and intensely scary than a normal glass-walled meeting room? Pretty much nothing. Just look at it. So… lifeless (pun intended).

Thank God the Churpies are here to save the day.

Even the grumpiest of people wouldn’t be able to resist grinning at a whole bunch of bright, colourful balloons!

2. You Shall Not Pass

Ah, the classic pranks of misdirection and “missing” entrances! Add a small piece of cellophane tape over the fingerprint sensor (so nobody can check-in), and a sign leading to a non-existent entrance, and you get a bunch of confused workers waiting outside the door.


3. My Computer Isn’t Working!!111oneone!

What’s more frustrating than a mouse that isn’t moving the pointer on your screen? Or a keyboard that doesn’t type the way you want it to? (Gold star for you if you can spot the word we sneaked onto the keyboard!)


4. The Unexpected Treasure Hunt

We hid a few alarm clocks all set to start ringing at different intervals (we did 1.00PM, 3.00PM and 4.00PM) at a few different locations around the office. Pity though, they didn’t ring as loud as we’d expected…


5. It’s a Wrap

We just couldn’t resist pranking our ChurpChurp programmer – if you can’t see it, the words on the plastic sheet around his table read “504: Work station not found”. We also cling-wrapped a few soft toys belonging to the Nuffies that were around the office!


6. All That Looks Transparent Ain’t Water

Seems like a pretty normal water dispenser right? Glad we fooled ya! The water inside’s actually spiked with Sprite and a (very) generous amount of salt. Imagine your morning coffee with a strong salty/sour kick! Pretty awesome way to begin your day, doncha think?

And yes, those are live fishes in the sink.


7. The Surrogate Boss

Of course, one of the highlights of our April Fools’ prank involves our boss, Tim!

The resemblance is uncanny; we almost can’t tell them apart. Thanks Balloon Boss for greeting everyone at the door!

We hope all our Churpers had a great April Fools’ yesterday! Do share with us any stories you have, we’d love to hear about all the pranks you pulled and pranks you fell for, and we could all learn a thing or two from each other!

Oh, before we end this, let’s have a look at the culprits caught on posing for the office CCTV (I still can’t believe we went to the office on a lazy Sunday)…

Churpies churping out!