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1 + 1 = Gwiyomi!

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Category: Alphas, Behind the Scenes, Malaysia | 4 Comments

Everyone’s been sharing cute videos of girls (or guys) doing something called the Gwiyomi!  While some can’t stand the sight of girls (or boys) acting cute, we know a lot of you just can’t resist learning the steps and mastering this Gwiyomi challenge.

Some of our alphas have participated in the Gwiyomi challenge and we’re loving their versions of it…it fact, we loved them so much we even participated in the challenge ourselves!

Check out sweet Jane Chuck in her version

…and Yang Bao Bei’s adorable version!

Now, here is the ChurpChurp’s version of it!

Have you attempted the challenge yourself? Are you a lover or a hater of Gwiyomi? Let us know!

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