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#Churpremiere – Hummingbird

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Imagine you are given a second chance in life – a brand new identity and a lot of money to start a new life. What will you do?

A homeless ex-special force soldier took this opportunity to rebuild his life…only to find more trouble coming his way. Starring the ever-so-tough Jason Statham, Hummingbird promises non-stop intriguing action that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Churpers, hum your way into the heart of violence as we bring you the #Churpremiere of Hummingbird!

Synopsis: After witnessing his unit ripped to shreds by artillery fire in Afghanistan, Joey Jones (Jason Statham) has been living on the streets of London, trying to forget his past and stay of out trouble.

On the run from a ruthless gang, he breaks into the apartment of a wealthy man in Convent Garden and assumes his upper-class identity.

He begins working as a dish washer in a Chinese restaurant and soon was spotted by a Chinese gangster boss who recruits him as a driver and enforcer.

Just as Joey is on his way to making amends with his friend and sponsor Sister Cristina (Agate Buzek), his pregnant girlfriend, Isabel is found dead in the river.

Now, Joey must use his connections in the Chinese mob to find the man responsible, stopping at nothing until justice is served. From acclaimed screenwriter Steven Knight comes an elevated thriller about a broken man with a battered past, fighting to do what’s right, even if that means breaking his own rules.

At this point, you’re probably wondering about the movie title ‘Hummingbird’. We did a little research and in Afghanistan, hummingbird is a generic term for a type of surveillance drone. It represents the observation of one’s self and past deeds; just as how Joey comes to terms with his conscience from his old and new life all at once! *so deep*

Check out the exciting trailer for a tease of this:

Thanks to Nusantara Edaran Filem, ChurpChurp is giving away 40 pairs of passes for you to catch Hummingbird before its official release in Malaysia on May 16! Details of the Churpremiere are as below:

#Churpremiere – Hummingbird
Date: 8th May 2013 (Wednesday)
Time: 9:00 PM
(Ticket collections begin at 8.15PM)
Venue: TGV, 1 Utama


To get your hands on a pair of passes to the #Churpremiere of Hummingbird, head over to our Churpremiere Event Page and tell us in a comment:

“What would you do-over in your past if you have the chance?”

e.g. I would have chosen to become a pilot so I can travel the world!

You may submit as many unique entries as you like but don’t forget to fill in this submission form to be eligible for the contest. 40 Churpers with the most creative answers will each win a pair of passes (2 tickets) to this screening, so quit bumming and start humming!

#Churpremiere - Hummingbird

Are you ready for a second chance?
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3) Protected Facebook profiles with updates that not traceable by ChurpChurp will not be accepted as participation to the contest.
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