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ChurpChurp is Hiring!

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What if we told you- there’s a job that pays you to be on Facebook and Twitter 24/7, invites you to attend exclusive events, allows you to rub shoulders with some of the hottest local celebs and most importantly, working in a creative fast-paced environment with the coolest co-workers ever!

Well look no further because Churpchurp is looking for a few people to join us here at the Bird’s Nest! Think you’ll fit right in with the chirpy Churpies? Then read on for more info on the positions available below:

  • Media Sales
  • Community Executive
  • Web Developer
Please send in your CV to mycareer@netccentric.com if you’re interested in filling the positions! Do visit our career page for more info.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to join our awesome team, check out our renditions of viral videos such as the Harlem Shake and Gwiyomi. And if that still doesn’t rock your boat, need we mention that we also have a dedicated Facebook page documenting the crazy antics our colleagues are up to! Yeap, we’re just that cool *put shades on*

So yeah, we’re uber excited to expand our family and we want YOU to come on down and join us! Kindly note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


  • PerenLee says:

    what is cv?

  • ChurpChurp says:

    Hi ParenLee,nnCV is short for:n- Cute Videon- Car/Vann- Cuddly VampirennNah, just kidding! CV is short for curriculum vitae, which means your resume! 😀