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#Churpremiere – Pee Mak

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A love story like no other.

Try to imagine living together with a ghost. We bet most of us would freak out and run for our lives! But what if this ghost was someone important to you, perhaps someone who you were deeply in LOVE with? And to add another plot twist – what if you aren’t aware that he/she is already dead? With a cold shiver down our spine, we bring you the #Churpremiere of Pee Mak, the highest-grossing horror-comedy movie in Thailand.

Synopsis: During the beginning of the Rattanakosin Dynasty, many Thai men were drafted to serve in the war. Pee Mak (Mario Maurer) was no exception and had to leave his pregnant wife to join the flight. While at war, he met, saved and formed a close bond with four fellow soldiers.

Once the war was over, Mak invited his four best friends to visit his hometown called Phra Khanong.

When they arrived to the town, Mak introduced them to his beautiful wife Nak and Dang his newborn baby boy.

Pee Mak’s four friends decided to stay in Phra Khanong for a while and moved into the old house opposite to Mak’s house. Despite having met Nak and Dang, a village rumour was going around that Nak had died giving birth to her stillborn baby, Dang…

If you enjoy Thai horror-comedy movies like 4bia, Phobia 2 and Coming Soon, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this! Check out the hilariously scary trailer below:

Thanks to Golden Screen Cinemas, ChurpChurp is giving away 60 pairs of passes for you to catch Pee Mak two weeks before the released date in Malaysia! Details of the Churpremiere are as below:

#Churpremiere- Pee Mak
Date: 21 May 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 9:15PM
Venue: GSC Mid Valley

[This screening has ended. Thank you for your participation!]