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Get To The Heart of Stories with Imotiv

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Are you glued to your smartphone 24/7? Are you always trying to catch up with your friends’ blogs on the go? Are you constantly frustrated about missing out on the latest stories because you simply have no time to read them all?

If your answers to the questions above are yes, yes and YESSS, then the brand new Imotiv app is for you!

Formerly NuffnangX, Imotiv is an app that lets you organize your favorite websites on one single platform, so you can read them all on the go. You’ll never have to visit your favourite sites one by one again – just follow your favourite blogs, technology sites, fashion websites, and even humour sites with Imotiv to get all the updates delivered right to your phone!

How Imotiv Works

Imotiv’s special technology breaks down wordy articles by picking out the most expressive line in each post, so you can get to the most interesting part of the story in the shortest time! So it doesn’t matter if you’ve got one minute or ten, all you have to do is browse through your feed and select the article with that one-liner that attracts your attention!

Imotiv also allows you to keep up with what friends are reading. By signing in via your Facebook or Twitter, Imotiv identifies what your friends are reading and provides you with suggestions to expand your repertoire of daily reads.

When you like a post, you can also tell the world by syncing your Imotiv account with your social media platforms. The best part is, all it takes is a just one move: Once you like a story, it will automatically be published on your Facebook and Twitter feed.That’s what friends are for, right?!

We all express ideas and share thoughts by blogging and reading blogs. Imotiv brings you a step closer to your favourite bloggers by letting you carry out one-to-one conversations with your bloggers and readers alike! Blogging just got more personal, so voice your opinions to the world. Discuss your ideas, share your thoughts and be heard.

They say sharing is caring. With Imotiv, you can now share interesting articles with your friends on various platforms with just a tap of the finger! You can also keep your favorite sites organized into lists so you’ll never miss out on another story again.

Check out the video below to experience Imotiv for yourself:

So Churpers, make sure to download Imotiv for FREE on your iOS or Android smartphone today!

On another note, our Imotiv team is so excited to improve your mobile reading experience, so do try out the app and tell us what you think! Think Imotiv would be better if we added a new feature? Found a bug that annoys you? Reach out to us on our different platforms below:

Whichever method you choose, we want to hear from you! Enjoy the app!