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#ChurpPewPew Ended With A Bang

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Pew Pew Pew! Although the laser tag battle is over, the sound of laser blasts are still echoing in our ears today! We were glad that our recruits gave their best to battle it out against each other at #ChurpPewPew last Friday, 31st May 2013 at Galactic Laser, Sunway Pyramid. Good job to all our enthusiastic Churpers and congratulations to those who won! To those who couldn’t join us, here’s what went down at #ChurpPewPew last Friday.

We couldn’t wait to share with our Churpers what amazing prizes we had in store for them so #ChurpPewPew started off by showcasing the attractive prizes that could be won! Firstly, the Photobook courtesy of Foto-ZZoom, ChurpremiereVIP passes, our exclusive Keep Calm and Churp tees and of course the shiny trophy with a limited edition Churpie plushie. The three categories of prizes up for grabs were:

  1. Best Shooter Award
  2. Highest Team Points Award
  3. Best #ChurpPewPew Moment

Churpers registering and selecting their team.

While waiting for the rest to arrive, our Churpers spent some time checking out the old-school games at the mini arcade located inside Galactic Laser, Sunway Pyramid.

Churpers practicing their ‘aiming’ skills before the laser tag game.

At 8.30pm, the night kicked off with an ice-breaking game! It wouldn’t be a #Churpout without making new friends, so this was the best time for our Churpers to meet new friends and find out if they were a potential ally or an enemy for the night =P

Some of our Alphas who joined us at #ChurpPewPew were Yang Bao Bei, Andrew Xander, Brian See, Dennis Yin, Reuben Kang, Shawn Lee and gang. They also did not miss their chance to show us how to Pew Pew Pew!

And then at 9.00pm, the first laser tag battle was set to begin! But first, a briefing and demo session from a friendly marshal from Galactic Laser for all our Churpers Recruits!

A total of THREE laser tag missions were played that night: One Free-for-All session,  and two Team Deathmatches. Each mission lasted an average of 15 minutes.

Happy faces eagerly awaiting their turn at the battlefield!

The first batch of Churpers who were gonna be playing the first game of the night.

In the briefing room waiting to be suited up.

All geared up and ready for some kills!

But first, a group picture!

And another one =p

Did you know, your shooting scores will be tabulated on a LCD display outside? Do remember to check it out after every game to see how you’ve fared!

Next, the Churpers were split into 4 teams for the Team Deathmatch game! It was a close and intense battle between the 4 teams; Red, Blue, Green and Purple, but only one team will emerge as the victor of the night.

A close up on the battle suit.

Interior of the arena (downstairs).

Interior of the arena (upstairs).

Cool effects inside huh?

After two intensive rounds of Team Deathmatch games,  the timer finally hit zero and the scores were counted. The  team with the most points goes to… *drum rolls*

Purple Team!!! They won the Team Deathmatch with a total of 104,203 points! Each member in Purple Team received a ChurpremiereVIP pass which allows them to skip queues and get an instant ticket to any #Churpremiere of their choice. How cool is that!

Red Team was the runner up with a close margin of 98,998 points, followed by the Blue Team and Green Team. Better luck next time guys!

Purple Team posing for the winner group photo.

Throughout the event we also held the best #ChurpPewPew moment contest for Churpers to capture the moment which they think best described #ChurpPewPew and uploaded it on Instagram.

For this Best #ChurpPewPew moment, Goh Kheng Wei’s epic picture of her partner fighting a dinosaur won her a free standard size Photobook  (11″ x 8″) worth RM228, courtesy of Foto-ZZoom!

Check out her winning shot below:

We also had a top 10 picture for the Best #ChurpPewPew moment and each of them won a free Photobook upgrade from mini (8″ x 6″) to standard size(11″ x 8″) worth RM100. Thanks again to Foto-ZZoom for the fabulous Photobooks!

And now we enter the main highlight of #ChurpPewPew, the Best Shooter Award.

This award goes to…

Keith Emmanuel Yap! He had single handedly zapped others to a score of 21,330 points! He won the Best Shooter trophy, a limited edition Churpie plushie and our exclusive Keep calm and Churp tee!

Keith is a happy man!

Other Churpers that were close to get the best shooter title were Zainal Abidin with 19,940 points, followed by Ken (19,690 points), Li Yi Qui (18,510 points) and Reuben Kang (18,400 points)!

No one left empty handed as Galactic Laser gave out a complimentary 2-mission voucher for all our Churpers to experience laser tag again in the near future! Check out our Churpers happy face even after a tiring 3 mission game:

Our #ChurpPewPew came to an end at 11.30pm but a #Churpout isn’t complete without a big group photo! Say Cheese everyone!

And here’s a group photo of us, Churpies!

Before we end, we would like to thank Galactic Laser for the awesome venue and exciting laser tag games! Big thanks to our Alphas for joining us to Pew Pew Pew and of course to you amazing Churpers who made our #ChurpPewPew so much fun!

Also, we would like to know what was your best #ChurpPewPew moment at Galactic Laser. Tag and tell us on Twitter, Instagram, blog (or all 3 of ’em!) to be the first 3 Churpers to own an exclusive Keep Calm and Churp tee! Giveaway ends on 7th June, Friday.

For more exciting pictures of the event, check out this album at our Facebook Page. Happy Churping and see you all soon!