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#Churpremiere – Badges of Fury

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[Dear Churpers, we have confirmed the screening date, time and venue for the #Churpremiere of Badges of Fury. Kindly check out the details below!]

Calling all Jet Li fans! It has been a while since we last saw truly talented fighters on the big screen, but the drought for a good modern martial arts movie has finally come to an end. Jet Li is back, promising more action and as the movie title suggests, more fury (yes, so much fury that he literally starts flying).

With that in mind, we bring you the #Churpremiere of Badges of Fury!

Sypnosis: In just 3 days, three cases of Smiling Murder shock Hong Kong. As he looks into the homicide, the young detective Wang Bu Er (Wen Zhang), the police station’s reckless buffoon, makes a shocking statement that this is a serial murder.

He and his buddy Huang Fei Hong (Jet Li) embarks on an investigation full of excitement and unexpected events. Huang may appear to no less muddle-headed than Wang, but in reality, he is the real master of kung fu, and would, without fail, at the most critical moment, help Wang get out of sticky situations.

Wang initially believes that budding actress Liu Jin Shui (Liu Shishi) is the prime suspect, but later, she is found to be innocent. Next, he shifts his focus on her sister Dai Yiyi (Ada Liu), among others. Eventually, Wang decides to pose as Liui’s boyfriend to lure out the murderer. The closer he gets to the truth, the deeper he sinks into danger.

Pictures don’t do justice to action scenes, so check out this trailer and witness Jet Li’s flying stunt:

We also found an Easter egg from the trailer! Don’t these two logos look similar? =P

Thanks to RAM Entertainment, ChurpChurp is giving away 30 pairs of passes for you to catch Badges of Fury! Details of the #Churpremiere are as below:

#Churpremiere- Badges of Fury
Date: 25 June 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 9.00 PM
(Ticket collections begin at 8.15 PM)
Venue: TGV, 1 Utama

[This screening has ended. Thank you for your participation!]