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Let’s get personal with Nom Nom Media’s Social Media Minds 2.0

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen the social media scene in Malaysia grow by leaps and bounds – now, everybody and their cat has an Instagram account. We wanted to find a way to get personal with all of you social media influencers in Malaysia, so we’re proud to announce the return of Malaysia’s largest social media study – Nom Nom Media’s Social Media Minds 2.0!

You guessed it right! Nom Nom Media’s Social Media Minds is all about getting to know YOU, the social media influencer and to learn what makes you tick =)

To make this survey the most epic one yet, we’ve teamed up with our sister company, the legendary Nuffnang Stickman, our digital reseller Nom Nom Media, and leading media agency GroupM, and came up with a list of interesting questions that will cover everything from your online habits to what you love or hate about social media.

To show our gratitude for your tremendous support for ChurpChurp, we are also offering RM1 credit to your ChurpChurp or Nuffnang account if you are among the first 1,000 respondents to complete the survey!

So here you go Churpers, head over to the epic survey here, and start playing your role as a Churper and an Internet user. Tell us what you think about everything social media, and do get your friends to participate in the survey too, because it’s not just open to Nuffnangers and Churpers!


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