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You Can Make a Difference with R.AGE Against Bullying

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*Update: Stick Up Against Bullying Contest details*

“Nobody deserves to be bullied.”

Have you ever been the target of bullying before, and didn’t know who to turn to, or didn’t know how to voice up? A lot of us have been bullied before at some point in life, either through cyber bullying, verbal bullying, or physical bullying, and we know how difficult it is to talk about it without being afraid.

The only way to achieve change is to let your voices be heard. You can make the change, YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE! Join us in supporting The Star’s R.AGE Against Bullying movement, and make a difference!

The Star – R.AGE Against Bullying aims to gather 100,000 pledges from Malaysians, so that all of our voices about the issue of bullying in Malaysia will get the attention they deserve. We can’t do this alone, and that’s why we are asking you Churpers to come join us in this movement! Show people that you are against bullying and that you won’t stay quiet about it.

The steps are simple. All you have to do is:

1)      Write your anti-bullying pledge on a plaster.

2)      Take a photo of it.

3)      Post it online at RageAgainstBullying.com

Upload it to your social media sites with the hashtag #RageAgainstBullying to let your family, friends and followers know that you are supporting the fight against bullying.


Our Alpha, Daphne Iking is a huge supporter of this movement. Watch this video as she tells us about her experiences with bullying.

If you’ve been bullied before and wish you had been able to tell somebody, now you’ve got the chance, as the website www.RageAgainstBullying.com will be a digital sanctuary where bullied victims can share/highlight their experiences on their pin-a-bully heatmap (don’t worry, everything is kept anonymous). You can also find help and support via Call-Lines, FAQ, and info sheets.

What are you waiting for? Pledge your support now!


Besides that, there’s also a photo contest where you can participate in and win RM1,000! Here’s all the information you will need to know:

1) The contest can be found here. This is where you can write a message on a plaster, post it up and it will be counted as 1 pledge on the pledge counter.

2) Photos tagged with #RageAgainstBullying that is posted up on Instagram will automatically be pulled into the competition, Unfortunately, these pictures will not count as a pledge since they have been uploaded without filling in the pledge form.

3) ALL photos in the Stickup Against Bullying section will qualify for the photo contest.

4) The 3 photos in the Stickup Against Bullying section with the highest number of LIKES will win RM1,000 each.

More details can be found  at their T&C and FAQ.

Start snapping to show your support!